Camping in the Cotswolds #7 @ Swinbrook 2/3/4/th August 2019

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  1. sorry, didn't take photos until after you left (nothing personal!! :))
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  2. Many thanks to @Lasty @paul2590 and @Valveandy for sticking their heads in the engine bay and making my trip back the least stressful ever.
    thanks to Andy for the convoy - that was good too!

    biggest thanks of course is to @Keith.H for letting us on his field of dreams - shame I wasn't there for both nights.

    cheers all! :)
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  3. A huge thanks to Keith etc for a memorable weekend , it was lovely

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  4. As always, a pleasure to be there with good friends, shame we only made it on Saturday but a great time nonetheless
    Cheers Keith
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  5. a big thanks to keith!!!! yet again another cracking weekend with superb company. very chilled and relaxed. also thanks for the bbq on Friday night keith. hope everyone who was here got back safely.
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  6. Ahhhemmm ...

    I`d like to be a TOKEN Southerner if you don`t mind :mad:

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  7. You sitting on that fence again
    You’re a Southerner that mimics a Yorkshire man

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  8. As rude as rude can be :mad:

    Jealousy is a terrible thing :D

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  10. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    You didn't want to wake him up, did you?
  11. While you were busy eating..!
  12. What's the story with the v6 bus....?
  13. Special mentions to @Valveandy for working like a Trojan to get the new engine in and @CollyP for persevering with a massive oil leak and both getting there . :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Thanks @Keith.H , fabulous weekend and your hospitality was 2nd to none - downside being having to camp with that riff-raff ...

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  14. What was the cause of the leak? Don't say oil, it wont be funny :)
  15. CRAP garage , don`t think he`ll be darkening their doorstep again .

    Badly leaking rocker covers .

    Boss man claimed they hadn`t removed `em to service the van ... Really ??
    (and they `specialise` in aircooled )

    Utter bullsheeters , as i found out when i took my van there and swore never again .... :mad:

    STAY AWAY @CollyP !!

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  16. it was definitely oil :p
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  17. Ask how they adjust tappets ? They must have some sort of endoscope lol :)
  18. Think he`s sussed that one out - Bull sheeters :mad:

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  19. Cologne 2.3 as used in Granadas etc, its my old one, sold it to a mate about 6 months ago
  20. Steady ! We’re not sub prime or are we

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