Camping in the Cotswolds #7 @ Swinbrook 2/3/4/th August 2019

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  1. If it’s Charnwood... Katie was sent home today before she drowned in mud...


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  2. not long now!!!!!! so who is going to be there???? I will be with wife and two boys. hoping to be there early afternoon. will be in the insignia again as beetle and prototype not ready!!!
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  3. Not Charnwood. One local to us. They were supposed to be sleeping in hammocks with tarpaulin sheets over the top. We haven't heard if that's happened. He'll be tired on Saturday!

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  5. time for some beauty sleep. see you peeps tomorrow who are going to be there!!!!
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  6. see you tomorrow collyp!!! looking forward to a nice relaxed weekend!!
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  7. I will be there in the evening.

    It's been in the diary for nearly a year but I didn't book time of and my boss is away!!!
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  8. indeed - love this weekend, thanks @Keith.H as ever!
  9. Ive got a lot of mowing to do tomorrow morning
    Invited a few mates along for tomorrow evening, going to stick a tent up and fire up the Bbq and smoker, so there will be lots of grub and booze for everyone
  10. top man - is it the same smoker as last year? Johan?
  11. No a little ABU one, bbq big tho :)
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  12. excellent - see you tomorrow! :)
  13. Bought a grey fergie so i can mow my own field now, plus my camper should be there, no longer owned by me tho, look out for a gold one
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  14. whats an ABU??
  15. Little smoker used by fishermen for cooking on the riverside, abu is just a brand name, bloody quick tho
  16. thanks keith. see you tomorrow.
  17. safe journey to all who are coming to this fab weekend. see you all tomorrow!!!
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  18. same to you buddy..see y'all later :D
  19. Billy no mates [​IMG]

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  20. not tonight boys:(, but we'll see if the van fires up in the morning, fingers crossed. Having just cut a hose to the wrong length it's time to stop for the day.
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