Camper Jam - 6-8 July 2012

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  1. Seems to be a lot of unhappy traders already there, one guy had his T4 body kit damaged while being towed
  2. We've arrived. We're about 50 metres inside the gate, stuck in a big queue, not moved in 15 frustrating minutes.
  4. Anyone got Dubeisers mobile number ? I was bringing the awning for him to buy but only just thought that he might be relying on it to use ! Would like to check as we are not coming today in this weather. Pm me his number pls if u have it
  5. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Administrator

    Sory dude no .

    its raining here now - only 30 miles , but if its open i'm going :))
  7. Poptop2

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  8. Hope y'all have a fun evening might be there tomorrow if rain lets up and field is accessible.

    Malc, ask Birdy to bell me so i can arrange hand over of window for davidoft or text me his number pls
  9. Can anyone who is there post some pics.....Cheers
  10. Weather looking better for this evening
  11. Back home. Cheesed off. Vanless.Though I did at least manage to rescue the mango vodka before I left him at the garage.

    Fingers crossed for a quick miracle in the morning enabling us to head over for tomorrow night at least.

    Have fun everyone xxx
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  15. Hi guys,

    Well we made it to camperjam after a 5 hour journey, (a34 and m40 a car park). Pitched up etc, it's muddy but not too bad if you avoid the couple of swampy areas.

    My daughter then proceeded to projectile vomit continually covering all her clothes and our bed, wife then began feeling ill, so...

    I drove us back home again, 5 hours home, (a34 shut), getting back home at 6am...

    Totally gutted, any positives? 10 hours of truly trouble free driving in the van :thumbsup
  16. Now that truly sucks. Are you feeling ok? Fancy another 5 hr trip back again? Lol
  19. We made ITS BLOODLY FAB hot sunshine -
    This is totally the show of the year
  20. Feeling somewhat shell shocked, like yesterday was all a dream.

    Totally gutted as well to tell the truth. Worked my fingers off to get the van ready for CJ and been looking forward to it and meeting you all for ages.

    The van was truly amazing, there were times last night when I forgot I was in a 34 year old vehicle, she was so smooth and easy to drive. I even managed the fast lane a few times to overtake lorries. We cruised home at 70 the whole way


    It's weird, I'm totally gutted not to be there, considering I was actually there, but then I think of the van and I smile.

    Daughter seem better today so I've saved this to the memory banks for when she's 18. Then it's payback time!

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