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  1. any garage round colchester?
  2. I take ours to Five Oak Green Service Station near Paddock Wood (other side of Maidstone) - basically because it's where the previous owner went, so they know the van, and it was convenient when my wife worked nearby. There was a T25 in their yard last time I was there.
    The Mrs has got a new job now, but I will probably still go there when the MoT's due in April.

    Maybe also ask:
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  4. hi kkk , sorry i havnt put one up as im not sure if im going to change the one i use this year or not , and cant remember name of one friend uses , but thats thanet way . Ill see if i can find out ?
  5. Whoa! That was supposed to say many thanks!
  6. Too kind! I'm down near Ashford btw.
  7. Hi i run a mot station/ repair workshop in Poole Dorset U-DRIVE - we love all types of air cooled £37.00 per mot free retest --01202747174 ask for Dale
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    That's the one on Old Wareham Road right? May give that a go in October when our MOT is due (to fail!).
  9. Ok no problem we currently have a t2 in Belle she has just had some small welding - new throttle cable - brake check and here 1776 tuned and set up correctly
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    Hi , Do not fully understand this thread !? MOT has a set standard and now its computerised failures are a lot clearer .There is the odd grey area /judgement call by the tested i.e brake pipe corrosion, seatbelt damage etc but if they are in any doubt the tester should ' pass and advise ' the item in question .
    Personally I would rather have a proper standard MOT than a friendly one !
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    It really does help to have a tester who understands old vehicles.
    For example, Halfords probably don't understand what a chassis is...
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    And a tester that understands new vehicles also ! Years ago a tester would only be allowed to test with full city and guilds/completed apprenticeship and five years plus experience .I am not a fan of Tyre shops and other likewise establishments touching brakes,suspension and especially MOTs .Tyre fitters in general are failed mechanics !
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    Of course, but you said you didn't understand the thread...
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    Read below for example .I would be pretty miffed if I had payed for a MOT and got a reply like this .This is not standard testing and I think I have misunderstood the thread title of friendly testing as meaning sub standard testing . I can appreciate a friendly test station but cannot stand sloppy ones.

    Top Tread Tyres in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
    Does a couple of Bays, including mine. Just passed test yesterday.....he told me one of track rod ends had a bit too much play in it....then said....well I know how you camper guys look after your vans, so I won't put it on the advisory.
    Always had a painless pass.....doesn't stop the nerves before hand though !
  15. I use Burnt Mill Garage, Elizabeth Way in Harlow, Essex for all of my cars and have done for the last 20 years. They are very thorough and very fair.
  16. Swavesey Garage in Swavesey between Cambridge and Huntingdon were always very fair. They did fail it when it needed, but also pointed out bits on their way out. Just moved house, so I do need to find a good one in Wetherby or York. Due in the next couple of weeks and could do without it ruining my summer plans (I'm sure it will be fine :)
  17. Kent. KAP Canterbury. Ashford rd, Chartham.
  18. If you are around the Fylde coast area then I would recommend

    MotorTech (formerly known as T&E Autos)
    2a St. Albans Rd
    Lytham St Annes
    FY8 1UB

    Telephone: 01253 780040


    John is a VW master technician and knows VWs inside out; has the pucker VW test equipment and experience that you need. The other person who works there is Joe, who prefers the older vehicle and will happily spend time fettling!

    Found them to be highly fair with labour when I had it in the garage for over three weeks while we waited for parts to be delivered!

    He doesn't do MOTs but uses a garage close by who are again experienced with older vehicles.
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  20. Welton Motor Engineers
    2-6 Murdock Road
    Newark Road Industrial Estate
    LN5 8RG
    01522 542401

    Had my last 2 here and know some other people that use them and can't fault them :)

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