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  1. After my debacle last year with the MOT station I thought it would a good idea to accumulate a list of known camper friendly MOT stations round the country so that other users have a database of where is best to go.

    So if you have been to a particular garage that knows what they are doing with a 30+ year old vehicle and you trust then put the name and location of said garage on this list.
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  2. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    Fast fit garages
    48 carlyon road
    netherwood ind est
    cv9 1je
    01827 721651
    Moley's name is Dan but he likes to be called Gav.
  3. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Bristol Cherished Cars
    Martin: o7791 s74s66

    Great service, knows his stuff and is CHEAP!
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  4. Totally recommend Bredbury Motor Works, Horse Shoe Farm, Castle Hill, Bredbury SK6 2RY 07811450847 or 0161 406 7771 Ask for Rick
  6. Aubrey at Carlton Road Garage is fantastic.
    Always a queue of splits, bugs and bays. he moans about vw's but he secretly loves them.

    53A Carlton Road
    NG3 2DN
    Telephone: 0115 958 0614
  7. Blackfield Garage Services Ltd
    The Crossroads
    Hampton Lane

    02380 893146

    The owner, Pete and his wife have several beetles, a beach buggy and a T25. They sold their bay a while back. Lovely people, great work and very fair MOT's They were recommended to me by other Bay owners in the area ;D

    Edit 22/07/13 2 MOTs passed now without any dramas :)
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  8. Birdys Buses (?)

    Croydon Auto Repairs Ltd,
    60-61 Leslie Park Road,
    East Croydon,
    CR0 6TP

    tel: 0208 6550555
  9. Although mine is a way from MOT stage I would appreciate a decent recommendation if Cornwall, preferably around Bodmin!
  10. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

  11. Park motors
    Earlsdon ave south

    Good guys with good attitudes. No connections with V'dubs but that don't matter
  13. Ackworth Road MOT Centre
    Unit 6b Ackworth Road,
    PO3 5HU

    023 9266 6608

    These guys do all our campers and beetles for V Dub shack
  14. Smart Auto Services

    Unit 63, Zone 1, Deeside Industrial Estate, CH5 2LR
    Telephone: 01244 288008 | Fax: 01244 288028 |

    For anyone who lives Flintshire ,West Cheshire or Wirral
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  15. New Street Garage in Horsham are good with t2's. I get my vans done there and customers vans, so although they mainly do modern cars, they know t2's pretty well now.
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  16. New Street Garage
    7 New Street,
    RH13 5DT
    West Sussex

    T: 01403 274060

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  17. Shipley Bridge Garage Ltd
    Antlands Lane,
    Shipley Bridge,
    RH6 9TE

    Tel:01293 821156
  18. DS Motors
    The Stacey Bushes Trading Centre
    Erica Road
    Milton Keynes
    MK12 6HS

    01908 320503

    I've been using these for the best part of 15 years with no complaints.
  19. I've taken my recommendation down as Absolute VW no longer take all of their vehicles here, neither does the local Porsche specialist.

    Must tell you something.
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