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  1. I need to come up with a name for my business so I can do a Facebook page etc.
    I do handyman/property services/building/making, type stuff , pretty much the only things I don't do are gas and electric,
    I currently just trade using my name but want something better.
    I'm loathed to use "handyman" or "property services" in the name as every man and his dog seem to do that and I want to stand out and project a slightly better image.
    Ive come across someone similar locally with a website called "milk and gin" with the tagline "design and create", no idea where/how that's come about but it's the sort of thing I'm after, it just sounds suitably cool and upmarket, but obviously I don't want to copy that.
    Any bright ideas?
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  2. My old one was The Fixit Man
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  3. Volkswombat facility services??
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  4. Spiknspan the randyman :D erm drill n screw just for you ? No job to big
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  5. How about


    That’s got a certain, you know what

    You’d have to change your name by deed poll first though :thumbsup:
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  6. Singh builders always got me :D
  7. Trouble is without handy man or property services when people google you your less to be found.

    You don’t fancy bodge’t & leg’t
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  8. We called one of the lads Andy

    'cos he lived local :rolleyes:
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  9. Bodgit and Scarper?
  10. @Geordie already registered that one :)
  11. Correction and erection , fast and last.
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  12. Tell him he's left his transit van in the Gaydon motor museum.....that's where I saw the name.
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  13. Job Lot
  14. “Elite Property Services”. Ooooor,

    “Pffffff, It’ll Cost Ya, Love”. Ooooor,

    “Smack Repairs - Once you’ve tried us, you’ll keep coming back for more”. Ooooor,

    “Bob And Den, The Handymen” (you don’t need to be called Bob or Den, old people are good at DIY, old names would work in your favour :thumbsup:)

    I’ll expect commission and ongoing royalties.
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  15. ^this, I think. Would be good to have Property Services somewhere.
  16. Measure and mend , your odd job friend
  17. Def needs the slogan "Who done that, then? Cowboys was it?"
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  18. IMG_3243.JPG
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  19. How about "Style and Decorum" .. probably already gone..
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