1. Louey

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    I may pop in for a visit tomorrow. Depends how I feel after the 45mile cycle to Malvern to watch the Tour of Britain.

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  2. I know exactly what you mean and I do sympathise with what your saying . But all dogs and dog owners are different. He is obedient and enjoys the atmosphere of such events that's why it's dissapointing to us . He literally just sits on our knees observing everything . The noise doesn't effect him at all . He would make a great hospital petting dog and indeed the kids in the event halls do flock around and he loves it. Plus we do sit right at the back and out of the way.
    The radio flyers are another subject but they have their uses. The kids are out with family and the carts allow the kids more time playing and when exhausted give them a place to rest and perhaps sleep allowing parents to continue to enjoy the event.far better thain leaving them alone in a van.
    I would rather have dogs and kids over the boom boom music but each to their own.
    On a plus just watched an outdoor group called Devious . Excellent stuff. The singer seemed well chuffed with the response they were getting and we'll deserved . They were brilliant .
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  3. Louey

    Louey Moderator

    I made a flying visit, didn't have to pay either a lot of people were already leaving at 12:30 today.

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  4. You could take your own drink in, we did, lots of it, and the bags were searched, you wouldn't want a dog in on the george michael night, we had a fab weekend it was well worth the money and we did camper jam as well this year, but we won't again it's a con compared to busfest, with a proper show ground, real toilets,, real buildings lol,
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  5. I had a blast. Loved it. Apart from wigging-out mid awning erection on Friday afternoon. However, that's generally a given. A tad too many newer vehicles for my own taste, but I get the vibe, and happy to go with it.
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  6. A nice venue and showground :hattip:
  7. I was pleasantly impressed after a long break from shows this one seemed as good if not better than Skegvegas and Stanford ... I did a santa pod one earlier in the year and thought it a waste of money
  8. I haven't been for a couple of years but before that had been for the previous possibly 15 years or so. We used to enjoy it greatly but in recent years numbers got silly and there were all sorts of shenanigans with entertainment etc. I didn't get the chance to nip down on Sunday which is a shame.

    I love the venue and its an experience to attend. not to everyones taste but then again I haven't really done many shows over the year. I think this one and Stanford hall were my only regulars for weekends and dubfreeze of course!
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  9. The venue is excellent even when it rains. Not been myself for weekend camping for more then 10 years did the display one year can't remember what year that was. Only go to Stamford hall ever year. And dub freeze myself. To many builders vans for my liking [​IMG] mines the one near the offside mirror

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  10. Louey

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    Long live Rusty Bay

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  11. anyone going this year, if it stays on? I haven’t been for about 15+ years.
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  12. I’m sure it used to be called Vanfest
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  13. I’ll likely be there, as usual.

    It was, long story.
  14. Indeed it did :thumbsup:

  15. Stopped around the time it changed its name as it was only ok if you like t5s or stalls selling T5 interiors
  16. It was before the war:)
  17. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Prefect

    Reckon I’ve got one of those stickers somewhere, 2003 maybe..... in Clem’s previous life, pre me :)
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  18. In a way, '97 was pre-me too as 96-98 the van belonged to my little brother. However I was there in 1997 but in my old (aircooled) T25. The plaque was issued to all buses that took part in the first 'big VW', which at the time broke the record AFAIR...
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  19. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Prefect

    After a quick bit of ferreting in the plastic storage boxes that lurk under the spare bed, it was indeed 2003....


    There’s a postcard of the 1997 Big VW Logo, but nothing to say Clem was there.

  20. I was there in the big VW
    On the top with all the Westies next-door to a fire engine.
    Really good Craig in those days Wursles top of the bill and Simon Holloway very kindly let us have half a loaf of bread as the shop had closed..
    Any one else on there or in the display then?
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