1. I'll be there. Anyone else going?
  2. I'll be there.
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  3. I'll be there in the Early enclave, come and say hello. I'm the oldest one there with a white Early and leopardy type bumpers and pop top trim. Sometimes I has a wolfs head on.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,, that's the bus not me .:)
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  4. We'll be there, after a few years away we really enjoyed it last year!
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  5. Looking forward to it this year... Missed last year (first I'd missed in 10yrs!) I've even cleaned the van!
  6. We will be there, tucked away in the family camping, looking forward to it, last time was 9 years ago in prototype! Come say hi

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  7. We're going, with no kids as well,,, yay :chewie::burp::beer:o_O
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  8. OK I'll be in club camping... Volkswest Crewsers... 73 jaffa RHD Westy Continental... Pop in and say hello if you're in the neighbourhood :)
  9. Bring your waterproofs, it's raining here at the moment.
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  10. We have tickets but looking at the forecast and the appocalyptic downpour this morning we are having second thoughts.....
  11. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    But you've got a camper to
    Shelter in
  12. If it was just me and the wife, I'd be less concerned. Add a 9 year old and a dog and endless rain becomes a prison sentenceo_O
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  13. davidoft

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    what you in for? :eek:

    cant you play charades :D
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  14. I am there.
    Slight breeze but the sun is shining
  15. Now it's absolutely bouncing down
  16. We are coming....... desptite my reservations..... do I need to fit tracks?
  17. WHAT! , ! , !,,,, you've cleaned the van,,,,,

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,I've heard of that sort of behaviour

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  18. Well this is our first visit to busfest a hundred and sixty mile journey.
    I am not impressed. £160 for 3 people and 2 vans - 40 per person plus 20 per van. They advertise themselves as dog friendly however there are 2 entertainment tents here . One with a George Michael tribute .... They search your bags before entry and you can't take your own food or drink in . Then they stop us because we have a dog and dogs not allowed. We went to the other entertainment building and the door staff literally ran out to us and told us no dogs allowed. Now the entertainment were a genuine Germany 36 piece umpah band with about 20 people watching in a massive hall however we were not allowed in . (I know not everyone's taste but they made the effort so thought I would support them by at least listening to them )
    I have never had this attitude at any other shows I've been to . This has upset my daughter because it's her dog and she feels she has spoilt the night for us .
    First time and last time unless things change and they actually are dog friendly when they say they are.
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  19. Would you really want to take a dog into a full tent with loud music and drunk people dancing and standing on your dogs paws ....I get dogs are part of people's lives but it also gets annoying when your constantly tripping over dogs and their leads ....
  20. MorkC68

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    At Camperjam you get kids..dogs..thats okay, they are part of the family...bloody ankle breaking radio flyers causing mayhem, errr nope :(
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