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    the biggest killer in an original westy set up is the fridge, when i started my bay i didn't understand half of it the 7 struggled by the end as i'd added all the interior function to the leisure circuit including propex/fridge/lighting and stereo - 7 wasn't man enough by the end.
  2. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    i should add i've gone for the 7 again in the T5 but this time the fridge will be compressor and the leisure will eventually be supplemented by split charge and solar
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  3. To be fair, I bought the MXS 5 cheap, got an MXS 7 dirt cheap (collection only eBay jobby), so if I have to pay for the MXS10 it doesn't bother me too much.
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  4. When the Westy fridge works it's really good at cooling. Being a chest fridge, all the cool air stays inside rather than tumbling out. It's just inefficient compared to what is available now, but still good when working. TBH I'd be very surprised if the thermo-electric bag is either as good at refrigerating or draws much less!

    Bear in mind the US campsites are generally all set up for leccy & water on the pitches and have been for years. Therefore the fridge was always ever intended to run whilst either the LB was being split charged or the van was hooked up. The OG power supply was rated to get as many amps back into the battery as possible before heading home after the weekend. The ctek will do the same whilst being kinder to the battery, therefore helping it to last longer...
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  5. How much do you want for the MXS 7.0 @AndyC ;)
  6. Was just gonna PM you ;) Haha.
    I'll let you know.

    I got it quite cheap, so not looking to charge the earth.

    Don't even think I've even used it yet!
  7. Well any offer I make will only stand before you blow it up, I mean use it @AndyC :D
  8. I'm not going to go down the Propex or stereo route I don't think - all I want the EHU / leisure battery set up for is to keep food and beer cool for as long as possible via some sort of cooling device and to charge our portable bluetooth speaker, mobile phones and tablet devices which should charge off one of those 2.1A. 5V sockets. I'm planning on adding some LED lights somewhere too.
  9. If you want it, I'll take it out without blowing it up!

    However, if, like me, you probably need the MXS 10, maybe it's a waste of money to buy mine.
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  10. @AndyC if @geordieandy doesn't have that charger off you i'd be interested. I think my old halfrauds jobbie i use in the garage over the winter when the van's not getting much use is bust - couldnt get it to work last night.. :(
  11. @rob.e

    Charger up for grabs if you want it.

    Will PM you.

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