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  1. If it's any help I've had my 110ah battery more or less permanently hooked up via ctec 10 running a compressor fridge, radio and LED lights for almost 3 months. At Christmas I went away in it for 6 days and the fridge kept going so I haven't wrecked the battery yet. :thumbsup:
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  2. Thats good to hear.
    Did you do any split-charging relay nonsense and if so was it effective?
  3. Yes I have a split charge relay which must have provided some charging.
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  4. Okay, sounds like it is worth doing so I'll add that to the list for after I get the 240v and 12v config sorted.
  5. Every little helps, but it's not enough on it's own.
  6. It always used to be.
    Went across the States doing 16k miles on about 10 hook-ups. I blame the need for cold beer and fresh meat!
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  7. Perhaps I just don't go far enough. :)
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  8. As well you know I'm just being flippant.
    It's no different among the waterways community in that lots don't get that, even with a well balanced set-up, it still takes 2 to 3 hours of engine running to put the charge back into the battery banks after an overnight stop!
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  9. Amazing thread and think I just about know what I'm doing now but have a few questions for the experts if that's all right?

    I'm going to be starting fresh on new UK wiring on a 74 USA Westy bus and want to keep the nice metal hook up flap on the outside but have both 240 and 12v electric inside with ability to use hook up if a site has it and keep the leisure battery topped up when driving and at home so I think I need...
    • A leisure battery - 110 and make sure it doesn't touch the spare wheel metal above
    • Ctek 7 charger or 10 if it's not much more and either wire this up so it's permanent or in some way so I can remove it to use on other batteries / vehicles etc if needed
    • Consumer unit like the one from Possible to get a smaller one like @Dicky did if need it to take less space
    • Flex 2.5 wire to connect it all up internally
    • Some sort of USA to UK adapter for the Westy hook up flap
    • 25m hook up lead
    • Hook up to mains lead for charging leisure battery at home before a trip away
    • Sockets - possibly the ones with USB ports built in but do they draw much when nothing is plugged in?
    • Get a sparky to have a look at it all before testing it :)
  10. If you have a Westy Berlin like me, you'll struggle to get a UK EHU socket to go where the Westy one is.
    There's not much room coz of the fridge which is behind it.

    I have my EHU point in the engine bay.
    Have still kept the Westy point, just it's not used. :)
  11. I have the 74 campmobile deluxe (like Helsinki) with the flap coming in next to the sink unit so think it should be OK space wise but if anyone has a link to said adapters I will double check before buying :thumbsup:
  12. Can't remember what I did with mine, otherwise you could have it!

    This is what I bought.

    You could email them to ask for dimensions.
  13. Cheers for offer if you find it but I guess I can just get one if I get their hook up kit and remove the outer bit to make it fit within the original Westy one?
  14. The size itself was fine, it was just too deep.

    You might be fine with your bus though.
  15. Cheers @AndyC

    The only thing with the above I have listed is there is no split charge bit in there is there which I would need for topping up leisure battery when driving wouldn't I - basically what they have here ?
  16. That's a lot of money.
    And not the best bits of kit.

    Personally, I would buy this:

    EHU Kit -
    Split charge relay -
    LB charger -

    The benefit of the Durite, is that's a it's slightly more advanced than a normal split charge relay, and also, when you're charging the leisure battery via the charger, any excess charge will flow to the starter battery :)
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  17. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    It is possible to fit and adapt a U.K. Plug in the American hole, yep its tight behind the fridge but I did it when I had mine
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  18. Thanks so much for that @AndyC as that's exactly what I needed - idiot proof links and as cheap but decent as possible!
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  19. It's also the same kit I have :)

    I did originally have an MXS5.0 charger but it wasn't powerful enough for my Westy fridge.
    You might be ok with an MXS5.0 Depends what you run.
    But get the best you can.
  20. i would just fit a new socket under the van on the jacking point

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