Broken speedo needle - mended

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Mark Darby, Jul 22, 2021.

  1. I picked up a decent mph speedo recently to replace my dodgy one, which I'm convinced us a kph speedo with a mph faceplate. As i finished setting the mileometer to my mileage (all of a massive 000060.8 miles) I broke the speedo needle.
    I've tried to remove the broken bit getting three finger tips under the base but can't shift it. I was going to swap my current needle over but is it better to fix the needle? Anybody have any tips how to do it please - tried super glue.
  2. Possibly epoxy and maybe ally foil behind the hand? Have a look on fleaBay for the kind of hand-pullers used by watch/clock makers. Such things do exist. Better than knackering it?
  3. Have you tried pulling one of these, it feels flipping tight.
  4. That’s why clock makers use a puller ;) I think the hand is only pushed on, honest!

    Loads on eBay.
  5. Just bought one:)
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  6. Mind you, they might be glued on ;)


    Good to see you’re back to your nocturnal self…
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  7. Felt the need for new prey again, gone off garlic and avoiding mirrors
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  8. That howling really annoys the neighbours, tho’
  9. Polished them off already
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  10. davidoft

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    They are very tight , get a fork under it and pull it will come :)
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  11. Before you pull it off..........make sure you mark the 0 mph position on the 'drum' underneath. Otherwise you will have one that over reads, like mine!
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    Its already marked on the speedo from the factory:)
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  13. ^Whs^ bit of paper under the fork to stop scratching use the bend of the fork to roll and lever it
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  14. Yup, there are two factory marks on the speedo and when you move the needle over the "0" pin it points to one of them - just have to remember which one.
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  15. Great tips, thank you.
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  16. Found it... i actually used two teaspoons.. put a tissue over the top too save you going to find where it flew off to when it pops off...[​IMG]

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  17. Two soups?
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  18. MV5BMTA1NDY1M2EtNWMyNC00NDIwLWFjZjUtYzg4NGVmMzYwYzk2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzk5OTkyNDE@._V1_.jpg
  19. Too impatient to wait for my fleabay purchase of the watch hand puller.
    First I tried to fork it off but it was having none of it. I even backed the fork with masking tape to protect the face.
    Two spoons for the winner! A piece of card over the face with a small hole for the needle stub.
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