Brighton Breeze - Brighton - 1st-2nd October 2011

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  4. I got as far as Chaldon, 5 mins from home when starter packed up. So weve just been towed home. :(

    update: its the ignition switch. for some reason its packed up.
  6. Had an invite which just couldn't be turned down, private island here I come.
  7. I'm at Hook Road, I've not seen any other latebayers yet. :-O
  9. Not going in bus today as have no ticket and do not want to leave it parked in a multi storey !! Going in other car and will hopefully see you guys down there.

    I'll be asking all late bays if they are a member of TLB.

    Have a good drive down to Brighton, and hopefully see you there.

    Now where did I leave my flip flops :D
  10. i'm resigned to going by train for the day after my ignition switch has gone for a burton. So my tickets have gone to waste. Gutted. Especially after i spent all week servicing him, getting everything all together only for a poxy switch to fall over.
  11. Hope u all have a good day.x
  12. what a great day ... hot hot hot ......

    the evening was great - largely thanks to baybirmingham bringing a bbq / fire pit ....

    pics to follow later today
  13. Great Day, Great evening, 2nd'd thanks to BayBirmingham the BBQ/firepit, And £1 log did brilliantly good to meet you and the mrs too! :)
  15. Any suggestions welcome.

    What would make you go to Hook and camp then cruise down?

    Do you like camping at the race course?

    Is the entertainment up to scratch?

    Do you think the prices are too high/low?

    Is there too much/little in the drivers packs?

    Also does anybody work for Brighton council or know somebody who does?
  17. Thanks for your feedback.

  18. let it be said - I LOATHE Brighton and Hove City Council. they are a bunch of lying - stealing - corrupt wiggly worms.
    it would be so sad to loose the Breeze ...

    Brighton used to be a city that encouraged diversity - arts and entertainment - now all they care about is who will pay the biggest fee.
  19. Mrs Marowak suggested SHOREHAM Airport - which i think is a fantastic idea! I'd be happy to help contacting them about this O0
  20. What for, camping or the whole show?

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