Brighton Breeze - Brighton - 1st-2nd October 2011

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  1. Birdy

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    Brilliant show to end the season. If the weather is great you really get to enjoy Madeira Drive in the sun. If it rains, you get to enjoy it in the rain.

    Camping is at Hook Road on the Friday night and then Brighton race course on the Saturday night. There is also entertainment on the Saturday night too. Only thing is with this event is that even if you are booked you are not guaranteed a space at Madeira Drive so don't delay in getting there. Hopefully 2011 will not see me hot wheeling down the M23 and past my fellow Latebayers (Hello Jasoooooooooooooooooonnnnnnn) like l did in 2010.

    l booked super early and I'm number 16 :) Sad l know.
  2. im going got super sneaky and going as a helper :p
  3. need to get my ticket .. i won't do either of the camping nights tho ... living 10 miles away means i can just come home.
    last year i was only 1.2 miles away.
  4. I'm going to this. ;)
    As long as the Mrs don't drop her sprog early ;)
  5. Fingers crossed should be all primed up by then and will be attending
  6. I'm stopping over in Hook Road for the night but not Saturday as I'll have my little un with me.
  7. We're going. Camping both nights.
  8. can you get into the sat eve ents without a camping ticket?
  9. Were booked for both nights even tho we live 15mins from Hook Road. It'll be nice to meet some of you.
  10. the race course in Brighton was 3 minutes from my old home ... bit further away now - but still cant justify the cost to stay the night,.
  11. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

  13. May go for this, seeing as how we've caught the camping bug ;)
  14. Just been looking at the booking form and it's confused me a bit (no surprises there then!). It says "The cost for each unit on the run is £30 when booked before 12th September" but then you go further down and it says to tick for camping and the first site is £6 per night and the other one is £18.

    So what's the £30 for??? Is it really obvious or am I just being dense?
  15. we are in.. .
  16. el


    im going if i have a bus .will go anyway as it not to far ,but in the car :'(

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