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  1. Are you putting new drums on next ...shame not to ,as it will bed in real good with new shoes ...brake loads better .
  2. Nah they were proper VW ones look like plenty left in them., quick scrub and a lick of rustoleum...


    unlike the front disks which probably dont.... prob swap them out and check the dust seals on the calipers.. on the second wave of jobs after I've had a drive in it!

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  3. Did you find any.. if you did pm me your fees
    If he didn't pm me your fees..

    In the meantime master cylinder arrived yesterday.. put on and filling system but pedal seems to have lost travel during filling and not in a getting full kind of way. more of a something stuck in the way..can one of the pistons go wrong in the filling process?

    Cleaned the passages of the master ready to swap back but is there's a quick fix before I loose more fluid swapping over?

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  4. Dunno, never used the pedal until it's full and pressure bled. You can't fill it without slacking off each bleed nipple in turn and letting the air out.
    How are you going about it?
  5. I was pushing fluid though with an ezeebleed, got it to all the corners until it was clean, went to push a bit through with pedal t9 make sure that was doing its rhing, floored a couple of times then appeared to stop a inch or two off the floor like it hit something

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  6. If you hadn't said "push a bit through" with the pedal I'd say you pumped the pads and shoes into contact with discs and drums then got a firm pedal...which would be good. :(
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  7. Unfortunately not... ah well.. best get the fluid back out of that reservoir and swap em em over to see .. I am going to get to drive it soon...

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  8. You’ve adjusted the pushrod clearance I suppose?
  9. Fees will be whatever the postage is (from France), just let me know if you want them and I’ll visit La Poste office.:)
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  10. I hadn't as what went on was identical what came off !.. maybe not inside.. . it went full stroke a few times before deciding it wouldn't.

    And thank for the bracket offer I'll take you up on that.. let me know the coat and I'll transfer it over..

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  11. No sorry I havnt found them, they must have gone with the beam

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  12. No worries I'll import some

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  13. Old master back on, working ok now.. think the 'locking' might just be the front brakes kicking in as that's the second part of the cylinder with little or no room for compression in the system...just a thought as it started to look similar on this.

    Anyway brakes adjusted wheels stop moving and handbrake on 6 clicks

    Just the return spring to replace now as that decided it wanted out of the project at the end of this!.. and the seals inside the reservoir connecting pipes ..they don't like being under pressure by the ezeebleed system due to being perished and I'm having to cope with ptfe for now.

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  14. If you could get the pedal totally to the floor, there was something not right before.
  15. More not right that just having no fluid in it?

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