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  1. As the make it move bit is nearly done, Mrs P is keen I investigate the making it stop bits too.

    Looked at rubbish handbrake and found footbrake not too clever either on same hub.

    Handbrake mech a bit rusty so that's off and cleaned, cylinder not moving much so new ones ordered, with the one year only shoes

    With cylinder off should I get a health squirt of brake fluid out of the end of the pipe ? Just gerting a drip and the fluid in the reservoir looks murky..


    If there a brake pipe flush or do I send a load of new fluid through till clean?

    I guess I might be taking pipes off anyway if it's bloked?

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  2. When was the last time the brakes were refurbed and fluid changed. That fluid looks bad and you said reservoir fluid is murky. So draining out old fluid and replacing with new must be on the cards. I would do a full brakes inspection and renew whatever needs renewing. Brakes are the most important system on any vehicle.
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  3. The system doesn't hold much fluid, give it a good flush through and then move on to check individual components....might be worth putting new flexibles on as they are relatively inexpensive ... expect to need new cylinders on rear, again inexpensive....changing those items will mean a fair bit of the brakes pipe work is new.
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  4. Don't know when done. New to me last year and not been out anywhere yet!

    New cylinders and flex hoses comming new pads for back and for discs at front and new fluid ready..might flush through with the end of my last bottle of dot4 fluid before the 5.1 goes in..

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  5. Change all the hoses, then flush clean fluid through it to replace that muck. Doesn’t take much.
  6. You've not bought the braided Goodridge ones then...

    Got a bit of kunifer somewhere from doing the tintop a few years ago.. might dig that out too...

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  7. Looked at them, but then I remembered that I was from Yorkshire.
  8. I just buy a litre of fluid and keep flushing it as you shouldnt really keep old brake fluid ..But if it doesnt come out easily you need to find the blockage and replace the hose or pipe or clean out the equalising valve.
  9. ‘Ow much?!
  10. Money's not for spending lad.
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  11. Flush it through big time until it's all really clean , twice over buy big lot of fluid .
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  12. Why the 5.1? Its dot 4 for us guys, isn't it?
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  13. What a small world , I'm half Yorkshire :thumbsup:
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  14. Use Dot4 fluid.
  15. DOT 5.1 has a higher boiling point compared to DOT 4 and is fine for use in a bus.

    DOT 5 is silicone based and should not be mixed with DOT 3, 4 or 5.1.
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  16. thanks...didnt know that
  17. Chased lack of fluid all the back up to master cylinder.. think it's clogged with black silty stuff.. New Pagid one on its way... £17 ..

    Only the top non moving bleed nipples on the front discs to go wrong left.. new ones ordered ready for when they snap

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  18. Get a little 7mm ring spanner on, plenty of rust buster spray of choice beforehand, and a little pin hammer....put the spanner over the nipple and apply a bit of pressure (lefty loosey) and tiny taps on the shaft and the actual ring of the bit on the nipple.....5-10taps.
    More spray of precious juice, leave for a bit and repeat.
  19. Crack the nipples with molegrips so as not to round them off then use your spanner and don't tighten them up so hard!!! :D
  20. Just got a ring spanner in the post yesterday instead of the open ended one, but I'll dig our the molegrips too.. got new nipples ready... i think s hulking big South African might have tightened things up given the length of scaffold it took to crack the hub nut on the back

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