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  1. Comp is right as all checked, three shims was the only way I could get the right amount with what was available in the uk. Think I’ll try and get or make shims to reduce it to one per pot. Hopefully that will cure it. Going to take it out for a drive tomos and make sure there are no other issues before it pull it out again tho

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  2. Yeah the more I think about it all it takes is a little miss alignment in the shims which two of the are 0.040 and it’s gona leak.

    Gona strip it and have some machined up to suit so it’ll be one chunkier shim per barrel.

    At least then I can tighten the tolerance between the cylinder o/d and when it sits on the case to maximise the sealing surface.

    Joys of engine building I suppose

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  3. So took it out today and bugger me it flys!!!! But brand new clutch and just slips like hell which I’m not suppressed at.......well I am a little how bad it is. 4th gear 40mph and go near the throttle and it just revs. What clutch do people recommend?

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  4. I would just try adjusting it to see if you can make any difference.
  5. It’s all adjusted right mate, not my first clutch

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  6. I’d fit the biggest clutch possible, whatever that is for a type 1. VW increased the size of the clutch every time they increased the engine capacity and the 2.0l has a 228mm clutch. That size, so far, works without slipping in my 2.3 engine.
  7. Not saying it is;)
    If it's a standard and now lots more power going through it possibly change it to a Kennedy stage 2 or 3....
    Usual suspects(heritage,jk) should have them.:thumbsup:

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