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  1. Interesting stuff, there’s a lot of opinions depending on who you speak too. Was a rep engine builder recommended this spec as a good torque-y bus motor. Gona struggle to get down to that cr without a massive deck height so will get it down as much as pos but wanna keep the deck around 0.040-0.060.

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  2. The thing to remember is John Maher was nuts, a American and fuel was different then.
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  3. You might be thinking of John Muir, the idiot that wrote a comic, or was it a comic about an idiot. John Maher is or rather was -
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  4. I stand corrected
  5. So go my cylinder heads combustion chambers opened out to 62cc and quite happy with the result.

    Means I can get the deck height to 0.060 with a decent compression ratio.

    Test fit the full bottom end and everything went together lovely so time for a big clean and sort before final assembly.

    What’s people thoughts on getting the timing gear and dizzy drive onto the crank. Seen videos of people heating them up to just dropping them over into place......thinking I’d rather just press them on?!

    Also I’m planning on using assem lube on every bearing surface it this correct? Also how long can it be left for before the engine is ran?



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  6. I thought they were an interference fit...heat timing gears in the oven and then drop them on in the correct order with the spacer which I nearly forgot...
  7. Well that’s the question really I’ve seen people heat them up and other people say just use a drift :/ so I thought surely the correct way is to use a proper press. If I warm them up do they just slide on or will they still require a little persuasion?

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  8. I put them in the oven while starting to make a roast dinner and left them until they were really hot and they just dropped on with no tools, just the welding gloves to pick up the bits in the correct order.
  9. Cool, I’ll do that then. Cheers bud

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  10. Keep something handy to whack with....the last one must clear the groove for the retaining ring...
    My bum was twitchy when I did it...always a first time....
  11. Ha ha I am thinking this feels like it could all go wrong quite quickly

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  12. BAM!!


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  13. Oooh no you have missed a bit!!!!!

    Only joking...
    See nowt to worry yourself about:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  14. Stood staring at all the bits on the bench for 25mins making sure I had it all! Lol

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  15. Just waiting on carbs then I hope it’ll start!!! Been a nightmare getting things to fit together but think I’m there.


    Got it in my stand to run it up outside the van and get the cam burn done.

    Next question.......who is using zinc rich additives on initial start up?

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  16. Yes we did for the cam burn and initial timing set up then drained off and used 20W50 thereafter
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  17. 2-3k for 20-30mins? Sounds terrifying....... did you prime it for oil pressure with the rockers off?

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  18. Crank it with plugs out and rockers off until oil pressure builds up. About 2.5k revs for the cam burn, don’t go as high as 3k.

    I used running in oil for the cam burn and the first few hundred miles then 15w-40.
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  19. Crank to cam clearance was as issue I suppose?

    Incidentally, what cam did you choose?
  20. Nah that was fine, push rod lengths and rocker shaft shimming has been the worst. Had to get shims made as what you get in the rocker kits suck!

    Put a C35 in, nice all rounder.

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