Best awning to fit T2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kenregency, May 11, 2013.

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    yes it is daytona easy camp
  2. We have the kyham mother dome sleeper fitted with figure of 8 the bits that fit to the van have an elasticated bottom and stretches to fit how you want, they know do an extra that fits under the door of the van to stop draughts,

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  3. I love this one!
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    i think i will go to tent repairs in leyton high rd and have two new panels added to the sides made to measure and fit my van perfect
  5. The Westfalia awning is a good fit if you can find one. (Although I think the older JK ones are made to the same pattern.)
  6. Sorry to hijack, do you have their contact details, just for future misfortunes. Ta muchly
  7. i have this one and a kyham xc for when more people want to be close to my bus. no pics of the xc up as it always rains whenever i use it :/

    shame it's blue - since the green respray it doesn't look as good on my bus :(
  8. Here s mine. Not used it in anger yet, just weathering it for next weekend. Looks like it'll fit well on the back, plenty of gather and well elasticated; its not too high there either.
    Its a Royal Traveller 3. £250, can get a bedroom inner too and an oversized groundsheet. Can't remember who I got it off, but if anyones interested PM me and I ll have a root about
    Comes with a van skirt

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  9. I have a Royal Traveller Tunnel stand alone awning which attaches to the van with a figure of 8 clip but sometimes I don't bother attaching it as it tends to flap in the wind. the awning itself though is very spacious with plenty of room for 3 - 4 more people to sleep and or store stuff you don't want encumbering the van.
    Here it is on my old van:

    [​IMG]I also have a Bluebird awning that came with my current van which has interior fly sheets which may be good but I am going to sell that one I think.
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    I use a Khyam Motordome Sleeper but can't usually be arsed to connect it to the van.
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    oh yes looks very nice
  12. I've got this one! not had chance to put it up yet! Dent will be its maiden voyage!
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    yes i looked at the awning today and it did have elastic ,its same as your one so i am going to try it again next week in manningtree as when we went to v/worlrd i had to tie back as we were on the edge of tarmac and could not put pegs under van,also was storming when i put it up and did not stop till i took down,
  15. We have a khyam motordome tourer, I do like Matty's one tho :)
  16. We have same one. Used it once and never again. In wind and rain it leaked and as the doors dont close at the bottom they blew inwards and let all the rain in. It was rubbish. I am considering a JK Retro awning.
  17. [​IMG] we changed few years ago to a Royal's got a proper metal frame and old school canvas . slightly heavier and bulkier than nylon and fibre glass poles but is very sturdy...because it's nice and Square so don't loose any height.
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    Nice tidy one
  19. This is ours, don't have a clue what it is because it came with the bus but it does the job ok!


    Mrs Robo loves the curtains, I wasn't sure about the colour but it kinda looks ok next to our jaffa bus!

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  20. Must admit I do like the old skool style & I don't mind the extra weight & space used to transport ours, I do like the colour of yours tho jammy I take it you can still buy these new? I've not looked as Mrs Robo would tell me off as we have one however I want to try a different way to connect it to the van as the fig 8 does leak at the joints & if its really windy it detaches...

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