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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, May 7, 2019.

  1. i missed it all too and i definitely miss @oscar's fine artwork :D

    as for @Barneyrubble ... life would be dull without him! :)
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    He sends me emails - I wish he’d stop ;)
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    As fun to read now as it was at the time.

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  5. If you see him say hi from us all:thumbsup:
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  7. Hi folks.

    Logged out of all forums around Christmas, because of the way that motoring fora tend to fragment & fall out over the winter when there's really no motoring fun to write about. I only subscribe to a couple of these and the other one appears to have tipped itself over the edge in the last coupe of months to become the dark wob, a haven for folk into body filler.
    There were a number of hilarious* parody threads on here & this one in particular caused me irritation;
    It just stunk of brand snobbery to the point that I actually took a test drive in a Duster. A friend of mine bought an absolute base Sandero Stepway in white, with no options. The dealer was left with a profit of just £265. He reckons that as a no frills vehicle built on a floor pan shared with the Nissan Juke, a K9K chain cam engine shared with the Mercedes CLA and most of the tried & trusted bits from the last generation Clio it should last him 20 years without issue. It's a car. It's also much quicker, faster, quieter and generally more competent in every respect than a bay window van.


    And just back from 9 days and 1,100 miles of highland frippery including a trip to the Isle of Mull, which feels pretty much like a step beyond the end of the known world...

  8. High on my to do list. Did the midges bother you at this time of year?
  9. .... oh and what’s the wild camp situation like ?
  10. looks amazing
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  11. My sister lived on Mull for years, she now live in Lochaline just across the water. Mull often has some famous faces..............

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  12. Confused as to why you assumed brand snobbery was the reason for my dislike of a car??:thinking:

    I've drove and owned hundreds of cars in my life some good some pretty horrendous that was merely a personal oppinion on a vehicle i drove and one that a friend of mine owned (incidently almost every mechanical part changed over a 3 year period) as for a comparison to bay window...I never made one.

    However post some pics of your new sandero when it arrives and don't forget to tip your struggling car dealership mate:thumbsup:
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  13. So didn't miss much then :-D Last proper humorous thread I remember was the lad in Scotland whose bus wouldn't start and he wanted to use it for Scottish tours... I think it was a candidate for post of the year at one point :-D
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  14. No sign of any midges, at all.

    There appears to be no wild camping for buses, you can probably do it in a wee tent, but there are lots of signs warning you not to.

    Have linky?
  15. Missed that. Can you post a link?
  16. Search for Darren McCrae, get yourself a large drink and set aside the afternoon:thumbsup:

    Best. Thread. Ever. :D
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  17. . . . or week!
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  18. I think people bet me to it :-D Darren McCrae - I kept wondering why Colin McCrae kept creeping into my mind! Great memories people :-D
  19. How did you remember that mate! Lord that takes me back to some humorous nights of posting :-D
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