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  1. Beach fishing is for girls:thumbsup:
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  2. We are now in the phase where pending a vaccine, the herd immunity figure has to be reached, if it turns out that is even a possibility.
    We are slowing reaching the percentage, no longer able to stop that percentage being reached.
    The longer you delay, the more likely you will survive as better hospital treatments are discovered.
    But it will end up testing us all.

    If Chinese and British authorities had taken it seriously there would have been a few sick people and that was it. Putting them in prison (China) or pretending its Somebody Elses Problem (Britain) have been shown to be flawed.

    At least in the UK we can vote next time for politicians with a more responsible attitude.

    But first of all we have to watch the monkeys strutting around.
  3. Interesting few studies out in the last few days. First one claims that even through the peak of infections still 95% of the population haven’t been infected so it looks like herd immunity through natural means wont be achieved.

    The second study appeared to show that the antibodies produced might be good for three years protection if you are very lucky but the useful protection from them might be as little as one year. So in all honesty you can be infected repeatedly with this throughout your lifetime, just not in very quick succession.

    I’m afraid that we might just have to live with the fact that people will continue dying from this infection pretty much for ever now. Death from covid will become the new norm until we find better therapeutics.

    On a brighter note i read yesterday that doctors have discovered a link in the most seriously ill patients, a large amount of them appear to be deficient in a particular type of antibody cell. Which in turn might lead to a treatment which aides recovery in the sickest people.

    And concludes your daily coronavirus briefing coming to you live from my sofa
  4. Not far off what it was like last time I was there. Put me right off the place. Better fishing at Portland, but why go 300 miles to do what I do up here.
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  5. Crack a couple of leads off down beach. Soon get a bit of room. ;)
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  6. Don’t know if you would remember the name , les moncreaf , not sure if that’s right spelling , he came from my way and was world casting champ at the time , then the pendulum ‘s started coming in . Had to have a decent shock leader then :D. Been getting some nice skate down here off beach lately :thumbsup:
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  7. Just under 60, from here, mate.
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  8. When have any of them been responsible Ohh i forgot's an impossible task
  9. My dad used to go fishing off Dungeness beach where the skill in casting 100 yards ish was useful because it put the bait out in deep water effectively the middle of the English Channel. Used to come home with one or two massive cod, any one of which could have won a competition today we used to eat well on fish. With cheap petrol, the 80 mile round trip still made that fish cheap.
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  10. Thought this lockdown was brought in by .gov as 3 weeks to ‘help the NHS’.

    Now it’s snitch thy neighbour, social,distancing forever, schools closed until god knows when, masks on public transport,, ongoing Economic death...which will last a long time, contact tracing surveillance apps, and mandatory vaccines being quickly made up in a chicken joint as we speak. And anger, about healthy people going out fishing in the nice weather.

    They could try anything right now, As we can’t demonstrate against it. but they won’t stop most British people going out In the nice weather . Before it start raining everyday in June and August.
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  11. Many a time we fished Dungeness at night to get the high tide and in winter it could get a bit rough weather wise but the sight of all the Tilley lamps and catching the big Cod made it worthwhile. Casting the 100 yards put the lugworm in the right area where the warm water from the nuclear power station was discharged. In those days as well as the Cod, the Whiting were plentiful and the occasional Dover Sole.
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  12. I caught a 2lb cod off a harbour wall using a 8ft cane, string, a cork float and lugworms I dug the day before. My Gran cooked it for me. I was 6. There'd been a storm, I think the cod was confused as we never before or after caught another one.
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  13. I’d rather fish with girls than you :D
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  14. under 7lb is a codling . ;)
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  15. They were all 6ft + when my dad was a boy. :(
  16. Cod are more a stout fish than a tall fish and have always been stout :D
  17. A few do get down there. They are.
    normally just sunbathing though. Usually topless, if the weathers hot.Its something I have to put up with.
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  18. Yes but in that photo the fish is bought to the fore to make it look taller and any way I thought they made mints :D

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