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  1. Yesterday, at Chesil beach, apparently!
    STAY AT HOME! 107854D3-22D4-45BF-803E-F6842933EA73.jpeg
  2. Holy cow batman.
  3. Hardly any of them is at risk. Unless the wind is blowing across the beach and they are close downwind of each other.
    And they are outdoors.

    Its one of those places where it looks bad but they will get sick back at home with their mates or going to work in a big town.

    We are going to have to learn to spot and avoid real risks, and start recognising outdoor non contact activities as being much safer than indoor even if it looks like a lot of people, Chesil Bank is miles long even subtracting the bird sanctuary. Chill.
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  4. ^this
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  5. Hey. I’m a beach fisherman of the almighty Chesil. I have a boat, and row across the fleet at camp road. There’s never normally anyone else there when I go. This pic was taken at Abbotsbury.
  6. I guess what I’m trying to point out is that I’m sure, on their journey to the beach from wherever, some had to stop in garages, shops, tackle shops etc...
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  7. I think, in reality, lockdown in England is over ..... finding places to go that are open is the issue.
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  8. Hopefully they can get back to work soon rather than wasting their time fishing.
  9. Them pesky fishing types.

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  10. And not before time.
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  11. Yeah, there’s going to be a lot of suffering over all of this, for a long time...
  12. Bit risky for a. Pendulum side caster :D
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  13. Yeah. Crack off there, and it could kill.
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  14. Madness fishing in poor visibility :rolleyes:
  15. It’s one of the reasons I’ve stopped going it’s like that or worse normally plus the amount of rubbish that gets left.
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  16. It may be "safe" in the great outdoors and looking at the proximity there 2 metres is not always observed. I agree with @Soggz they probably stopped off at a garage somewhere en route for drinks and food also when they have all gone home it probably looks like a council tip.
    If there are rules about lock down then sadly wether we like it or not we should really try to stick by them.
    I know Addenbrooke's is gearing up for a second spike in cases so this thing is not over yet and will be here even longer if we do not social distance and obey the rules.
    They are there for a reason
  17. That picture reminds me of fishing Dungeness beach in the 70's, one angler every few feet for about 2 miles. Sadly there are folks out there with few brain cells that just think the virus won't come to them and if they are under 70 they will only get mild symptoms and not die of it. Wrong.

    I agree with @Tilly the rules of lockdown are there to protect the population and folks may not like it or be tired of it now, but the consequences of ignoring the rules could cause a jump in the infection rate and death rate.

    I also feel the don't care attitude of some is an insult to the key workers who go into work and risk their lives. It shows a lack of respect.
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  18. Anyone who goes supermarket shopping will realise that there's what's supposed to be happening and reality....people queue 2m apart outside and at tills....the rest of the time it's no different to pre-lockdown.
    Everyone ( mostly) social distances whilst out walking, but not all and there are plenty of mums and kids in pushchairs walking together.
    We appear to have 3 categories, one who strictly abide by the rules, those who don't give a jot and the rest of us.
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  19. But we are not in lockdown as it was. Aren't we now in step one of the phased recovery as detailed in the governments recent 60 page document? If we are then there is nothing to stop you driving to places. BTW not defending those who don't social distance when they get there. Dont just blame them, also blame the media and the business people who are saying it's OK not to social distance, or that we should water it down. Neither am I saying that people should still be locked down, we need to adapt to get back to doing stuff including school, work, sport and hobbies. Anyway I'm not an expert in any of this so my view counts for jack Marmite.
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  20. Everyone is entitled to an opinion they all count

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