Bay convoy holiday - how about it then ;)

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Molteni Mike, Oct 8, 2013.

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  2. Why does the Eireball link not work for me?
  3. Sounds like fun! That is until people start racing to get into the lead,could end in disaster......
  4. I visited Normandy with a biking mate a couple of years ago and will be doing a quick WW1 tour including the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate on route to Germany for a long biking weekend in Sept. This years hols are booked but maybe we could come up with a TLB plan for spring 2016 ???
  5. I thought about that then thought it's a lot of driving and not a lot of camping? How far are they going per day average?
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  6. I'm only joining in the South Wales camp mate and from there is to bude amd camp and then to lands end but there is a website now with it all on I think , I'm staying with a load of em in Penzance for 3 nights at the end them I'm going along the South Coast but looks to be a lot of driving but all down the west coast so not much motorways I no there stopping at land marks on routes ect allso
  7. I like driving my camper, but not really just for the sake of it, I prefer to be going somewhere where I'm going to stay for at least a day or two. If I were oop North I'd be tempted by the Northern Scotland bit though. One day. :)
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  8. I'm using it as a way to get to Cornwall and raise some money for charity were off for 9 days trip around after this finishes ending in the isle of white
  9. Sounds great mate and I'm a little jealous of the amount you use your camper.
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  10. now you tell us :D
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  11. I use it all the time buddy I'm sure they was used alot back in the 70s :rolleyes:
  12. I put it up over Xmas barn it's mainly on Facebook but there's a website now and stickers ect all legit
  13. Blimey, will have to keep my eye out for all these campers heading down my way!!
  14. yeh me too AND his campers seen more of his mrs kitchen than ours have campsites :D
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  15. secret face book club , its ok i dont like cake dont worry :D
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  16. Were all landing at trevaylor on sat 25th July
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    Hmm...... Not sure. I'll pass it on to one of the organisers
  18. I'm new to facebook barn only got it as was on here and everyone kept going on there when this was playing up :oops: and some folk can keep an eye on Daisy's travels :thumbsup:
  19. so k si , im playing , see you on twitter later ;):D
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  20. When you coming here ? You will have to pop in for a cuppa !!! Not cos I like ya, I've just been through your resto thread and want to see it in the flesh / metal :D:D

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