Bay convoy holiday - how about it then ;)

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  1. Vaguely remember a US website giving details of a VW "convoy" style holiday to Tierra del Fuego some years ago, but I can't now find it.

    We had a car trip through Denmark and partway up Sweden and Norway this summer. We couldn't get to North Cape because it was just too far for the limited time available.

    It occurred to me that doing the trip by VW Bay in convoy at a leisurely pace would be great fun. A campsite for the end of each day's run could be decided in advance by agreement, and everyone would make their own way there.

    At say 100 miles per day (leaving plenty of time for sightseeing) the entire trip might take a couple of months for the round trip to North Cape, but what a fantastic holiday!!

    The direct ferry to Norway no longer runs, so the only options are a long, and expensive ferry to Denmark, or a very long drive to Denmark after a short Dover - Calais crossing.

    This would be a very demanding trip on any vehicle, being 5000 miles plus, and demanding on the wallet also. With Norwegian fuel prices at over £1-85 a litre and the rest of the trip at not much lower, the expected fuel bill alone could top £2k.

    Has anything like such a convoy style trip ever been done, and if not , how about it????

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    security in numbers - kind like the idea:thumbsup:
  3. Love the idea but I never get more than three weeks holiday. :(
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  4. also love the idea but WHS^ and the bays restro skints me, it would also take months ( with all the bay break downs :D )

    On a serious note it is a wonderful idea and if you wait a couple of years I will join you :) !
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  5. Rez


    We do it every year in Ireland..................

    Also check out the video
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  6. Are t25`s welcome....?:thumbsup:

    great idea....:hattip:
  7. Have they stopped the direct Newcastle to Stavanger ferry?
  8. Brilliant
  9. this irish ball deserves a bump :)
  10. I gather it stopped in about 2008.
  11. I can just imagine the conversation to make the camp site bookings.

    "Yes , Hello could I make a reservation please"

    "Certainly, how many people is it for"?

    "237 in 104 VW Campers"


    "Hello is anybody there" ??

  12. Just watching World's greatest motorcycle rides doing a similar thing. This seems a great holiday ....
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  13. Didn't someone suggest a TLB group tour to Normandy or WW1 battlefields?
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  14. I'd feel more confident doing a road trip with other camper owners.
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    Perhaps we should come as support vehicle. It's definitely not a bay.
  16. Hang on! You want to turn up in Normandy in 20+ German vans!!!? !!! Is that wise?:eek:
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  17. There is route 67 in events section that's doing land send to Jon I groats there is a few of us off here all ready booked the campsites I for one have and there is around 100 ish vans by the final trip !! Were all chilling at Penzance for few days after !!
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    I think it's a cracking idea all joking apart!
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  19. It'd make a superb road trip!
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  20. I agree it sounds fab! Never been to either but always wanted to go.
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