Barefoot adventure: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg & France

Discussion in 'Europe' started by paulcalf, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Great trip glad all went well and a good holiday had by all. Super photos thanks for sharing. :):thumbsup:

    Really liked the stash of Fiat 500's near Brugge, I'd quite like a rummage with that lot!!
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  2. Indeed. Quite fancy a 500
  3. Brilliant! :thumbsup:

    I drive barefoot most of the time in the bug and the bus - just feels more natural somehow :)
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  4. You wont be doing that Spain as I found out a few years ago , it’s illegal to drive in flip flops also

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  5. Another barefoot driver here :)

    Sounds like a great adventure @paulcalf , loved the write up and photos! Makes me get all itchy feet for a trip in the camper next summer
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  6. On the spot fine if you're caught driving in flip flops in France and in Spain, it’s also illegal in Germany. In the UK while it’s not illegal, according to the Driving Standards Agency – “suitable shoes are particularly important behind the wheel. We would not recommend driving barefoot because you don’t have the same braking force with bare feet as you do with shoes on.”
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  7. I understand why you shouldn't drive in flip flops.

    Not so sure on braking force with bare feet being less than with shoes.

    I'll try an emergency stop in barefeet and then in trainers to test it.
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