Barefoot adventure: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg & France

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  1. Mega adventure mon ami - glad all went (relatively !!) well , an inspiration to others thinking of giving it a go ... :thumbsup:

  2. Great trip. Just up my street, though I’d have used more aires. I’m guessing you know who owns this place, did you just happen to pass? Did you get to say hello?
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  3. Thoroughly enjoyed the pics posted, thanks for sharing them Paul. They have set me off thinking of somewhere different for the future :hattip:
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  4. I haven't finished writing the French bit yet!

    The place we stayed at Chateau Thierry was a 7.50euro pn - not sure if it was classed as an aire or a communal something or other!

    Yes I know who owns the place in the photo - that is where we stayed!
    Most of the time in France was spent outside my friends place (so it was like a free Aire!)

    On the way back towards Belgium we stayed in a cheap french campsite (10 euros), there were no suitable free aires around and id had enough of driving for the day.
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  5. I haven't actually edited the photos, i just posted them through tapatalk which gives you a tiny thumbnail.

    I will edit them
  6. They have come out 1000 x 750 pixels on IE11 and the clarity of them is great
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  7. The editing that i meant was getting rid of some of them!
  8. Cracking stuff!
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  9. :lol: it didn't read that way
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  10. How did you get to stay, was you camping in the van?
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  11. they are the friends i went to see in France
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  12. Great friends
  13. Fab pics and write up :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  14. Ps, I heartily endorse barefoot driving :thumbsup:
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  15. I love it, you feel more connected to the bus/road
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  16. Looks like you had an amazing time ! Fab pics. Love The Chateau :)
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  17. Great pics and chips thanks fa taking the time to share :thumbsup:
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  18. Dick strawbridge .....:hattip:

    has a draw bridge....:)
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  19. Can we all just rock up and say we know you???? :)
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  20. yeah just call in and say Paul with the red camper van sent you.

    They don't mind people rocking up outside their house at all.

    You'll probably see loads of idiots going for a look down their drive, people who are persuaded by their other halfs that they should 'go for a look', even though it says on the website strictly private residence!
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