austriallian rhd import

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by shielsy, May 14, 2012.

  1. Hi Owen, thanks for chat yesterday on the phone, noted your last comment on here, I am looking for flight over in fortnight Friday just, so hopefully all being well will see you then. I am hoping Mrs G might come for a visit and we may make a weekend of it if Grandparents can do the honours with the children...... Again big thanks looking forward to visiting see you soon. NobbyG
  2. if your going to stay we have plenty of room at the inn lol owen nw
  3. Hey I'm new to this forum but am interested in your van.
    Is it still for sale? :thinking:
  4. yes its for sale owen nw
  5. Can't believe this hasn't been sold yet. I'd love it if I was still looking.
  6. deposit taken
  7. Can not believe this having spoke on Friday and now my car sold I'm told someone else has sneaked in, kids and I gutted but hey good luck to who ever has got her. Hope you enjoy your time and Owen if they back down last minute mate let me know as I say I'm with funds now car sold so I will still have her if they don't come across cheers mate Nobby G
  8. Can't believe that Nobby - what happened - did you fly over and everything too?
  9. no ,no one flew over owen nw
  10. Is the van still for sale or now long gone?
  11. Thanks Shielsy, not quite what I looking for.

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