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  1. Let’s be optimistic... the tail might do us proud this afternoon!
  2. Ummmmmm
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  4. They say cheats never beat. Ummmmm....
  5. Looking at Smith and his behaviors he is definitely on a spectrum of some sort ocd or autism I'm not nocking him for it but his behaviors are odd. I wonder how easily led he was.
    They where saying on the radio TMS that everyone in that team knew the ball was being messed with, the bowlers had the ball in their hands.
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  6. If you are a world class bowler and didn't know it had been doctered you shouldn't be in the side. We were good at getting a ball to reverse way before anyone else could, remember the gummie bears?
    Anyhow, well played you Aussies congrats on retaining the Ashes. Smith's on another planet and Cummins ain't so bad either
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  7. At least Don won't be gloating later

  8. Yeah cricket is the gentlemans game.
  9. Cricket is Marmite:thumbsup:
  10. Ps I'm taking it away from the Aussies they played better than us if they had left Smith at home it would be a very different outcome player of the year so far and he missed most of it
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  11. Now now Bazza gonna have enough with Don in a bit. :)
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