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    You say that like it's a good thing. :eek:
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    Shut up Barn!!
  3. I will wear my Uber badge with pride.:D
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    @Barry Haynes will be waiting to induct you into his club.

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  5. Mind bleach purleeeeeze.
  6. Blimey. Was watching live until we went out to the pub , with Buttler having just been run out. Next time I looked, Archer was in and we were 7 wickets down. Not looking good thought I.
    Quick check of the scores during lunch, nine down with 60 odd still to get. No hope.
    Leaving the pub, commented that I wouldn’t need to bother going back and watching my recording of what I’d missed as it would all be over.......
    Had to check the score about 4 times! :D
    Funnily enough, I decided that maybe I would watch my recording :)
    What a game.
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    Too late, you're now tarred with the same brush as Bazza, enjoy yourself. :D
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  8. Headingly was messy enough last night. Must be carnage what with a day off tomorrow.
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  9. Shoes off if you love Ben Stokes.
    He's up there with Botham and Flintoff.
  10. So difficult!! Have been in a festival field all day with limited updates, but kind of got the gist!!

    Let’s hope our lacklustre attack sorts itself out and carries this form and spirit on... these ashes aren’t won yet!!
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    Watched it on my phone on a beach in France and punched the air when the last shot hit the boundary. I wasn’t the only one unfortunately, there were a few more Brits secreted on the beach it transpired.
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    Started listening on the radio with 30 odd runs needed. Just in time to hear the two 6’s. What a finish!!! :)
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  13. OOOOOOOO! I spoke too soon Don.
  14. They're picking players who have performed well at county level, plenty of match practice for instance they've got a tour match at Derby. Jimmy's match is just that, nowt scheduled so has been arranged just for him.
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    It's going well again, is it chaps? :lol:

    Australia 497-8dec & 186-6dec; England 301 & 18-2
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  16. It’s very simple.... just bat out the days play for a draw. we can manage that can’t we?!

    Or declare tomorrow a bank holiday, it’ll be raining by lunchtime!!

    Steve Smith has been impressive... and Laby-shagged-knee (listening to the commentators trip over this on TMS has been the best bit of the series) has been a bit of a thorn the our side too.

    Win lose or draw, I do not want to see Roy at the last test.... hasn’t scored, has dropped catches, has no confidence.
  17. Australia must be playing well, the Scot is liking cricket. :)
    Eight wkts to bat out the day, no probs. o_O
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    I don't particularly "like" cricket, I just like to see England being beaten.
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  19. England need a new opening batting line up.
    Smith is a freak in a good way some of the shots he tried to play last night would of had him booted out if he wasn't their top player
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  20. Happeni g a bit lately.

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