Arty pictures of your bus worthy of a wall poster.

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  1. 2C49D4E8-8722-4936-AAD9-2930B9F30496.jpeg Not the whole bus but...

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  2. New to the scene and my first Vw so learning heaps! Never been so in love with a vehicle. AE9CEB09-EFFA-4004-918B-0E87B85F04A5.jpeg 9695256C-E8BA-457A-8E9E-99EDF9161379.jpeg
  3. TE early birds either one or two years ago?
  4. TE late birds, Sunday evening Sept 2020.
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  5. Yes, thought after typing that it couldn't be one year :rolleyes:
  6. [​IMG]

    End of the road.
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  7. Peace and Quiet

  8. MorkC68

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    Fortrose Bay.
  9. Making memories in Dorset: Kingston Lacy 2 23 Apr cropped.jpg

    and Somerset: Sutton Bingham 15 Oct cropped.jpg
    somewhere in between: Lamberts castle 17 Aug cropped.jpg

    And finally, only a bay window fan would really get this:
    Badbury Rings Beech Ave cropped.jpg
  10. Not of the Bay......but have one of our dog next to the Beetle when he was a few months old.


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  11. That's a good photo for those days :D

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