Arty pictures of your bus worthy of a wall poster.

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Birdy, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Can you send me the original picture at best res by email?
  2. errrrr, not sure i have the original as i've just taken this off facebook but will check emails. it was taken by a local artist who either emailed it or just sent it to me on fb.
  3. Oh, is it not your bug and bus?
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  4. oh yes, both mine! he's a neighbour, i've just messaged him to email it to me :)
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  5. Louey

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    I remember putting that on some mugs for you, I think I added colour to the reflections. I'll have to have a look on my laptop for it

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  6. i don't think that was the original though. s'ok i've messaged david :)
  7. Izzy on Southend prom last September 20181021_102509.jpg
  8. what colour is that don't mind me asking
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    I actually don't know the colour if I'm honest.
  11. 4C46117C-F447-4666-B801-BEEFEDEC5A88.jpeg
    Castlerigg Hall, Keswick.
  12. 3EBBC284-78C5-4EB7-9C3E-D8E9A020DD5D.jpeg Same view but from upstairs
  13. My spare bus, sorry it’s not a bay but may be able to get the bay done in similar set up C9CA75E4-19A2-487E-9FB5-4A176222E859.jpeg
  14. [​IMG]

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