Anyone tried magnet fishing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stedlocks, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. I noticed the bloke I linked to on eBay has put his prices right up now....blimmin chancer! Scene tax? :0)

    Any updates on your exploits?

    I had a quick half hour today....gave another of my found windlasses to a couple of boaties who only had one.....they'd be knackered if they dropped that one. Things took a slightly sinister turn though, when I fished out this....

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  2. knife, ooh errr
  3. Big bugger too....
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    Don't worry about it lol we all mostly carry big knives on boats. :eek:
    ...experience of ropes snagging round props or on lock sides means a sharp blade should never be far away ;)
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    A good friend of ours, a well spoken 40 year boating veteran and retired school teacher, carries a knife in a sheath on his belt.

    At a lock one day a rather sour faced woman made a point in a rather loud voice..
    "OOH, he's carrying an offensive weapon.."

    Martin's reply, "It's only offensive if I stick it in you my eff orf"!
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  6. I'm heading out to see my mum today on my bike.....this will involve me riding along some *ahem, less salubrious sections of the river :0)

    I am excite!
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  7. I do believe he will be able to provide 'a reasonable excuse' for carrying said item, therefore no offence committed.
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  9. I think a non locking blade of under 3 inches needs no reason to carry
    Locking or fix blade knives need a reason to be carried
    Flick,butterfly etc etc are unlawful to carry full stop.
  10. As I'm Irish, I'm legally allowed to carry my flick-hammer :thumbsup:
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  11. Anyway, no photos, as it was buried in my bag, but loads of 2p, 1p, and 5p's out of Dobbs Weir! Seems they use it as a wishing well.....loads of big nuts and bolts and a 'pedestrians keep left' sign, that had a load of fishing lures wrapped round it!
    There was one thing I wanted to take home, but it was was a lovely big old gear cog!
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  12. Na we just need a life.

    Thanks for the lidl tip i need some rope.

    Haven't used mine yet. Its stuck to the front off the boat.
  13. Sounds like you were busy...:)

  14. I was meant to be doing a long ride today, but there was so many locks to mess with, I only did 40 odd miles.....ill have to have another go tomorrow!
  15. Had my first bash at it today!

    Basically we stopped to help a poor guy who had dropped his keys down a drain!

    Basically the magnet got stuck on the grate, managed to knock it off & straight off the rope, plop it disappeared ☹️


    Not fear I grabbed a peg out the van tied that to the rope dropped it down & recovered the magnet, quick swing towards the guys keys & got them too!

    Apparently he'd been there an hour on what is a really busy road fishing with a stick!

    Note to self:-

    1- Learn how to tie a proper knot!

    2- Get something to wrap the rope round cos it now resembles a rats nest

    Can't wait to go proper magnet fishing

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  16. 'Well spoken'.....never heard him called that before....lots of other things, but never that!
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  17. Lol ..your getting the hang of it..:thumbsup:

    MEN...never need to grow up..:D
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  18. Good work!

    I use a real-roved figure of eight.....tie a figure of eight in the line, feed the loose end through the eye bolt, then weave it back through the knot.....wrap the bugger up good and proper with gaffer tape after!
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  19. We found a shell in the canal in Manchester when we were digging an old one out a few years ago! Had to get the bomb squad over from Liverpool. .. already disarmed mortar apparently but would like to see your face if one came up on the magnet!...
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  20. That would go back in.....I couldn't be dealing with the red tape that would follow!!
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