Anyone tried magnet fishing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stedlocks, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Sounds like there are positives and negatives to this pastime.
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  2. I like to go magnet fishing with my mate, he only lives down the road, between Mcdonalds and KFC
  3. sANDYbAY

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    ...and they're poles apart. Repulsive and Attractive at the same time.
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  4. Any rewards
  5. I've just ordered one to keep on the boat.
    Fingers crossed it will be here next week when we go away for a few days on it.
  6. I'm finding myself strangely drawn to this....
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  7. Just been looking at them, spotted a square one which states its active on 5 sides which I thought may be better when dragging it along but then I read the shipping details

    Nottingham(hong kong).JPG

    When did they move Nottingham to Hong Kong???
  8. Look what mr postman gave me
    Thought it was a bit small but it just took half a hour to get it off the radiator

  9. Before long I expect to see the headlines about how magnet rationing has begun due to unprecedented demand :)
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  10. Lol :D

    You're not as strong as you thought..:rolleyes:

    Is that the Nottingham in Hong Kong..?
  11. Best get my order in before

    a: The price of these go up due to increased demand
    b: All the water bodies are stripped of all the scrap metal

    Could we use paracord instead of rope, we have some leftover from a bundle received from what @Baysearcher gave us?
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  12. theBusmonkey

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    Top tip.
    When not fishing, use the chassis of your bus as the magnet keeper :rolleyes:
  13. I didn't know silicone sealant and under sealed cardboard was magnetic
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  14. Look what turned up today and is still stuck to the radiator. I to was a bit disappointed it did look a bit small. But Jesus it sticks like Sh1t.
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  15. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    There's gonna be a bit of a hole in a few electricity suppliers' accounts by the looks of things!
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  16. Got mine today

  17. Ha! We need a new sub forum!

    If anyone has a lidl nearby, they are selling 30metres of good quality 5.5mm rope for a fiver.....and it has a 230kg breaking strain :0)
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  18. Can you see anything on their website?

    Trying to have a look to see if that's better than the Lidl offering...
  19. I was hoping to use paracord but I have no idea if it will be strong enough, we have a Lidl in Harborough so may have a trip out in the morning!
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    I reckon you'll be alright.

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