Anyone more unlucky than me?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sproggy4830, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. It could have been worse, could have happened to me.
    In my opinion that would have been much worse.
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  2. That is very unlucky especially as you didn't get it on video - at least then you could have got £250 for it.
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  3. Of course, perfectly normal. I don't want to worry you or anything but surely you're not trying to tell us you have less?
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  4. I was internet shopping for a T5 early today. Maybe I’ll just buy another T2. Far less trouble!
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  5. Dazza

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    If you’ve only got three , that is unlucky I’d say
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  6. I know a guy with 5
    I said how do your underwear feel
    He said they fit like a glove
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  7. Oh, of course... every thing perfectly normal here!
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  8. There's certainly less to go wrong on an old vehicle:thumbsup:
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  9. Its all the fact that the more complex a vehicle is, when it hits the rot box stage, theres more to break.
    Basically after your T5 tried to kill you as it started being a p.o.s. you should have got rid of it. Now its probably worth less than the repairs and is definitely time to let it go.
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  10. Been told by the next door neighbour that British gas are changing over to transits as they are having so many problems with the transporters and vw.
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  11. You are MGBman and I claim my £5. :)
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  12. I’ve always said you talk a lot of bo**ocks :p
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  13. Once it’s all fixed!
  14. Don’t forget leave the cement mixer in, it’ll double the value, at the scrappy.
  15. Ah yeah, but I bet a T5 is easier to drive long distances :)
  16. davidoft

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    nah they change back n forth , just depends who’s offering the better package
  17. No, his van had so much wrong with it and just out of warranty they sent it to the auctions. His transport manager said they had a big fall out with vw over stuff going wrong with the fleet.
  18. Use my transit for that.

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