Anyone more unlucky than me?

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  1. Ive walked away from my van before i do some damage!!!

    My T5 is giving me a headache, i reversed up my quite steep drive yesterday , but got a bit close to the boundary wall , i was gonna move forwards but i discovered the van is stuck in reverse and will not come out .
    i did some research on the net and it says look under the bonnet and you willl see some cables that run from gear lever , sometimes they disconnect , SO i pulled the bonnet catch and it wont open , i fiddled with it to see the cable had come away from the lever so i pulled it hard , and pulled all the cable through from the engine compartment.
    next advise is to climb under and reach in with hand holding a longish bar and you may be able to reach the mechanism and open it, unfortunatly my van has a aftermarket lowered front apron with around to inch clearance from the ground so i cannot get in to reach up
    i am pulling out what little hair i have and stuck for what to do ,

    any ideas,

    my drive is too steep to jack the van up, i cannot reverse to the flat as the house wall behind is in the way , removed the front badge and all i can see is the radiators and sheet metal preventing access to locking mechanism area?????????????
  2. Can’t you push the clutch pedal down then roll?
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  3. Just been back out . It wont reverse or roll forwards even with foot on clutch.
    I've just tried to lift it on trolley jack and its just too dangerous .
    The clutch pedal feels normal ,or as it should and usually feels.
  4. I know on a caddy you can access the bonnet release through the drivers arch.... pull the liner back and get in there. Not sure about you T5, but it might be worth a look?
  5. unfortunatly that is the side right next to neighbours wall so i cannot access it.
    i have just wrythed at the gearstick and got it out of reverse, then stuck in first gear, then back into reverse - stuck again , but the van juddered backwards untill the clutch started burning out (the smell) , ive now left it for another day in a better mood, if i can move it up the drive on the level and under cover i may stand a half chance at establishing whats happening
  6. My instant reply, would be to attach a hand winch to the rear of the vehicle, attach the winch to the wall if you can. Lift the front with a jack and put something with wheels/casters, under the front wheels, with someone sat inside. Take the weight up with the winch, then slowly let the handbrake of, and winch it down.
    Only thing I can think of, without ripping the bonnet off.
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  7. Oh,

    And as for ‘unlucky’.
    I went for a ride on my pushbike yesterday. Woke up this morning, and now one of my testicles has swollen up, bigger than the other two.
    Is that lucky, or unlucky?
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  8. i put a trolly jack under one side , as soon as the wheel lifted, the van made a groaning noise and tended to want to move forwards,

    funny thing is (though not at the time) i did hospitalise myself with the van on the drive. the vans are prone to wiring rotting under the drivers seat(apparently the cigar lighter fuse is under there) as my cigar lighter didnt work , i unbolted the seat and lifted it up , not realising the handbrake is attached to the seat, the van shot backwards doown the drive trapping me between the door and a wall , i fell under the door and the van run over my left leg (you couldnt make it up ) the van comming to a rest just before the main road , Passer by people did nothing to help as i lay on floor under the van unable to stand. took six week before i could walk properly
    So you can perhaps see why i dont want to jack the van up on the sloping drive.
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  9. Blooming hell. Quite pleased with my temperamental T2!:rolleyes:
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  10. i am now thinking i have knackered(if i have one fitted)the dual mass clutch flywheel. i did reverse up a bumpy drive yesterday and smelt the clutch burn a little. now having researched on the net, the symptoms may well be thaty ive damaged the springs in the flywheel causing catastrophic damage , other than the fact i drove home 50 miles with no issue, other than when i put it in reverse to go up my drive.
    Now if i can get the van moving at all , ive got to try move a small trailer i loaned yesterday from behind the van , ive a mini caravan behind that , ive about a ton of 4 x 2 behind that , then in the garage behind all that, is Florence my T2 with a knackered engine also, to move out he way.
    i just want to get the T5 out the way and forget about it , but it wont fix itself so a day off from everything tomorrow and then see what i can do
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  11. I think you should sell it and never buy another one before it kills you :thinking:
  12. I am no expert but if it is to do with the cables, maybe somehow it has selected 2 gears and locked up. Get someone who knows what they are doing to take a look :)
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  13. davidoft

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    Almost certainly jammed in gear due to hitting wall in gear and letting clutch up leaving it in gear etc, not uncommon, Jack one front wheel up and rotate it , should pop out
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  14. Your t5s name isn't Christine by Any chance
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  15. Dubs

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    Are you Homer Simpson?
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  16. i can’t let this pass... three testicles?
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  17. Poptop2

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    I have a used 20k dual mass flywheel here sat under my motor home that’s perfectly usable if you want to save some pounds. I only changed it as i had the box out anyway. It’s from a 2.5 diesel with six speed box.
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  18. :thumbsup:
  19. thats some good information for me , thank you but i think its gonna be a short while till i discover if it is the mass flywheel , or even if i have one fitted, mine is a 1.9 6 speed box , i understand the 2.5 gear box are meant to be different and more work involved in changing the clutch , but that doesnt mean the flywheel would be any different , is it rude of me to say "i will bear it in mind"?
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