Anyone done a Passat 1.9tdi in a bay

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by darranj, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. hi has anyone done a tdi as I am after some info
  2. @skirk has done one into his jurgens but not sure if he is on here much anymore
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  4. Hi @darranj Let me know what you need to know and I’ll try.
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  5. In Ireland North and South it seems to be all Tdi conversions, I don't know anybody with a Subaru conversion, there is even an prototype with a TDi conversion with the rad inside the front panel which uses the original freshair vents to supply the rad, sorry I've no pics :)


  6. I have checked out that site and pm’ed a few people but no replies
  7. Just want some pic of the engine mounts and rads to use and things like that
    I will be using the 5 speed box
    But not sure which car to use
    Ie earlier engine or the later pd engine
  8. PD will be a pain apparently. You need the clocks etc.

    Have a look at my posts there should be some on there. Jurgens Tdi I think. Rad is in the middle underneath. Had no probs. Gear linkage was a problem. If you have any ideas on that I wouldn’t mind knowing.
  9. I'm sure that van was in volksworld or camper and bus magazine.
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  10. The earlier AAZ code 1.9td engine is the simplest, and can be fitted using the T25 diesel parts (sump etc).
    I'm just embarking on fitting a Mk3 golf 2.0 8v Gti petrol engine in my bay using the T25 diesel parts - most early 4cyl inline Vw engines are the same block so you could do the same.
    Alternatively I have a cast ally adaptor plate for 4cyl inline that I am trying to get reproduced - this will fit straight onto an 091 gearbox, I just need to work out which flywheel is needed.
  11. Passat with an AFN TDI engine is the one to go for. It's already inline rather than longitudinal.
  12. A good point ..:thumbsup:
    A mate has just put a ford Zetec in a Sierra..
    But with a ford it's a bit easier..transverse to longitudinal..
  13. I put an AFN engine in my sons T25. Used landrover Discovery tdi fuel injection pump so no need for ecu and drive by wire.
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  14. I've fitted a MK3 16v golf engine (ABF) to a bay, main issue I think you'll have is sorting the firewall panel/fuel tank to clear the distributor,

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  15. Interesting point about the dizzy - mines going in at 50 degrees so should be lower than the tank

  16. Double check, as I used the T25 diesel bellousing to put the engine over at about 50 degrees aswell, but it still needed clearancing, thinking about it the 8v heads might be slightly shorter on the width though, so hopefully you'll be ok.

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  17. I will be buying a complete car so modifications for the linkage shouldn’t be a problem and I got a mate how is a wizz on electrics.
    There is some one on vwkd that has put a pd engine and six speed box in a bay but I pm’ed him but no reply.
    I will keep digging
  18. Was it the '74 bay with a 2.5tdi & 6 speed box? If so that's a mate of mine Andy - he's gone mid-mount with the box, lots of fabrication to be done if that's your plan!
  19. Not sure don’t think it’s mid mounted here’s the user name on vwkd
  20. What exactly is it that you're after? I run a 1.8 Petrol engine from a Golf since 20 years, and I don't see the need to use the T25 engine mounts, oil sump etc and run the engine at flat angle. Just at the normal Golf or Passat angle is fine, easier to build and therefore cheaper.
    The T25 5gear is not a good idea imo because of the torcue and high rpm at normal speed. Just doesn't fit for the TDI, and it is also too long for the bay window. A year ago I converted to a flipped Audi gear, that is perfect as you have plenty of choice for each gear and the diff, for a really low price. The bus must be lower because of the drive shafts angle, but I love the setup.
    Engine mounts are from an Audi 80, I can provide pictures if you are interested.

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