Any untapped countries

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  1. It will be full of bullet holes mind MC ....nice patina effect could have a Gun Fight At the OK Coral paint job with cactus 's on and stuff .
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  2. Mine was a barn find :thumbsup:
    barn find.jpg
  3. No landmarks in Afgan, had a crappy T2 transporter most likely :):thumbsup:
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  4. What grade bubble-bath do you use?
  5. coal soap.jpg
  6. Coal tar !
  7. You can get it as a liquid soap some in our new downstairs ( inside ) privvy.
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  8. I sent some of this to @Barry Haynes :thumbsup:
    coal tar sh.png
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  9. Peru has various buses bimbling about..:thumbsup:
  10. Citroen pickups always look better with a couple of fifty-cal machine guns mounted on the back.
  11. I’ve seen ‘em in Cyprus.
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  13. Is that one of those ‘Spot the hazard’ health and safety posters?
    Cos I can see a few...

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