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  1. Question ; We all know that the UK is full of import buses from Australia, USA and a few from South Africa but is there any countries that still has loads of buses still running or laid up/abandoned that for reasons such as war, export duties or just remote location that they never get exported .I never seem to hear of buses coming from Cyprus , Malta or South America .
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    I was talking to a car wash guy in London who wanted to drive my van. I wouldn’t let him as thought he would graunch the gears. He shouted at me saying he would be better than me. I told him in his dreams and stood firm. :)

    Afterwards he conceded I could drive ok and then told me he had one back home in Afghanistan. We shook hands then and parted in good terms.

    Not sure I want to go to Afghan to buy one tho.
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    Malta seems to be a popular source of decent Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts into the UK

    The van thing is kinda like the influx of MGBs from the USA years ago,, everybody that want s one got one, but people kept bringing them in until the market was saturated and the prices dropped ..

    Its go that way with VWs . There are probably more VW restoration projects in the UK than folk that want them .. and still some folk looking for big money for rusty RHD resto projects .. Unfortunately some folk think a 2k RHD resto project is a bargain !!
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  4. There's still quite a few still performing delivery duties in Turkey, or were when I was last there 5 years ago ...
    I was seriously tempted back in 2008 .
    Safari 23 window splitty microbus, being used by the local mini market bloke to collect veg etc from the wholesale place . Inherited the store when his dad passed away the year before and the van came with it ..
    Bit battered but at 600 quid I could have driven it away - only problem would have been getting it out of Turkey .
    If it wasn't for that minor detail I would have bitten the bullet and tried driving it all the way back ....

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  5. Road trip @scrooge95 ? :D
  6. egypt is full off them
  7. Yes!!! :D

    (It’s the lure of a splittie isn’t it? Admit it ;) )
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  8. According to a bloke I used to work with, there’s loads in Bulgaria. :thinking: ..... I have contacts there......
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  9. An Uncle perhaps?
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  10. Ha ha how fab would that be? .....although Orinoco was always my favourite
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  12. The Central African Republic.

    No idea if tbere are any VW's tbere. But on Pointless they always say if you can't think of an answer just say the Central African Republic.
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  13. No, that's camels.
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  14. Republic of Barnsley is lovely but take your own beer and food the local stuff is Rank, and buy bottled water:thumbsup:
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  15. A full length rag top is handy for mounting rotating artillery and SAM's.......
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  16. :thinking: the daft one...
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  17. Got to be carefull - reports of £20k Westies up there that turn out to be nothing more that tin baths on pram wheels.
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    Don't see many around, but here in Italy when they're for sale they fetch v.good prices.
  19. I saw quite a few beetles and some busses in Penang Malay a few years ago. One twin slider was packed floor to top with hardware and a big strip light on the dash board. It was in a hippy market. Also on the Isle of Wight....well it is across the water by ferry, but gearboxes must be knackard with all those hills.
  20. I got mine in Nigeria.................but don't bother looking there as the rest have been 'Nigerianised' (smashed) years ago.
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