Any recommendations for a Pedal Lock

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Bodman, Jul 18, 2017.

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    I've used a Clutch Claw in my Defender - very solid piece of kit. I think I paid about that - don't seem to be discounted anywhere.
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  2. How practical are they to use, they seem a bit of a faff ?

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    Once it's set up it's okay. Just becomes part of the routine.
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  4. The good old fashioned steering 'crook lock' will fit around the clutch peddle arm! cheap as chips second hand on ebay!
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  5. I bought an UberSecure pedal lock for about £25. I'm not sure if you can still buy them, but I've since made one for virtually nothing... Dead easy to make and very quick. Best of all, it's small and easily stowed when not in use. [​IMG]

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  6. I've one of these going spare of I can find it at the weekend
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  7. DOH I ordered the Clutch Claw last night
  8. @sharpey if you have one spare going I'd be interested if you want to sell it :)
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  9. I've got one of those safe T pedals from shire fabrications and they're a quality piece of kit.
  10. Sorry to bump an older thread.

    Couldn't find any recent reviews... Anyone else have one of these, thinking of getting one but unsure which? Have heard that the safety T pedal can foul/scrape the steering column.
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  11. My Review on the Clutch Claw - Returned

    I didnt have a good experience with the clutch claw really for 2 reasons. The first being I have a left hand drive bay and although I called them they said it would fit no problems, it didnt :(. The back plate for the claw has a slot in it for the steering column and on a LHD this doesn't fit and the plate scratches up the steering column :(. They even have this photo on their website

    The second reason was i realised that once I had fitted it, I saw that it would be quite easy to defeat as all Mr camper thief has to do is cut the tops off the pedals and drive as normal on the rods. I know this is probably unlikely but it is easily possible.

    I returned the claw to them and received a refund. I am now going to buy a Safe T Pedal from Shire Fabrications ( ) as that looks a lot stronger, and covers the pedals completely. They are a little bit more expensive but I think they are worth it.
  12. Rusty cab floor under the accelerator pedal so it collapses as anybody floors it.

    Given the number of Youtube videos where busses are dragged out of holes in the mud onto a low loader with the bus having totally seized brakes, I dont think any locking of the bus is 100% likely to stop someone who really wants it.
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  14. Just ordered a shire fab one for my beetle.
    Just be aware that prices quoted on their website are ex-vat.
    Will update on service and quality once received.
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  15. So pedal lock arrived two days after ordering. No frills service and packaging. It comes with 4 keys.
    The pedal lock seems to be quite substantial and must weigh about 5 or 6kgs! I will need to be careful not to damage beetle interior when removing, fitting and stowing the lock..
    Simple to fit even in the combined space of beetle footwell. Will be more room around bay pedals.

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  16. I bought a safe T pedal from vw heritage (I only got 2 keys for mine), agree with Bertie, it's heavy, cumbersome but does the job and very sturdy. I had to wd40 the lock pin, as the key was very hard to put in and the rod stiff to engage.

    Just checked and justkampers are selling for £152 delivered!
  17. I got mine direct from Shire Fabrications website. But as I said earlier, just beware the ex vat prices quoted.
  18. And cheaper buying direct.
  19. £127 now with no vat

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