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    I use Kaspersky, if the ex boss of the KGB cyberwarfare division doesn't know about viruses then who does.
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  2. ...and what could possibly go wrong?
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    Ничего, друг мой.
  4. I take off shirt. Wrestle bear.
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    Я снимаю рубашку. Борьба медведя.
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  6. That's easy for you to say....
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  7. Гугл переводчик это замечательная вещь
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  8. The Mr Patel from the newsagents sorted mine, pc with antivirus £150 back of the net:thumbsup:
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  10. Is that the double Dutch people keep talking about?
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  11. I am not advocating I am big and clever or for people to follow my example ..BUT I've had computers since 1995 and I've never had any antivirus product on any computer I have had .
    As far as I know I've not had any problems.
    Suppose I am just lucky . I do take care not to visit dodgy sites .
    As others have advised though I have had a iMac as my main computer for over ten years . They just work and work and work .
    I do wonder how long the computer will be around now as most things seem to be done on tablets .
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    You're on here, isn't that dodgy enough?
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  13. I’ve was going to raves in the early 90’s while you were sat in your dark computer room. We had tablets back then,too. Much more fun than computers.:p
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  14. Flashback malware, OSX/KitM.A virus, OSX.PROTON, OSX/MaMi heres 4 that have affected Mac computers, while a huge amount less than for MS Windows, it does still happen.

    You may also pass something on to someone else even if you don't have issues.
  15. Got to live life on the edge now and again I always tie a knot in the cable whilst I am on here so no one has access to my computer anyway
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    Ah, bless Mac users....only a few viruses.

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