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  1. quick question for all you computery types that understand these things.

    I’ve had my dell laptop for several years. When I bought it I also bought a copy of norton antivirus. Every year they charge me for a renewal. I’ve just had their email telling me it’s going to renew in 14 days. I think it’s about £30 for the year.

    I seem to remember someone telling me a while ago that there are free antivirus stuffs on the inter webs that are just as good and that I’m wasting my money. Also been told that norton might be contributing to the gradual slow down of my laptop.

    So question is, should I pay them money or switch, baring in mind I use it for accounting so it does have my online banking etc on it. I don’t want free if free means rubbish.


    PS you are all geeks.
  2. Nowadays, as people seem to ‘live’ on the net, I’d go for one you pay for. Years ago, when it was just mucking about, browsing, downloading music and stuff, I’d use a free one.

    Or go with apple, as it’s updating all the time. Only 2 known apple viruses, and they are from apple themselves, to keep an eye on you, if your doing wrong, and shut you down, apparently.

    Or so I’ve been led to believe.
  3. When it comes to upgrading my computer I probably will get a Mac, I absolutely hate windows. But for the time being I’m kinda stuck with my old dell. Perhaps I should just let norton have the thirty quid if the free stuffs a bit pony.
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  4. Sooner you get a Macbook, the better :thumbsup: Just do it.

    AVG is pretty good as a free virus checker. Used to use it on my Windows machines. Just use the free version.
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  5. They can see you in the shower as well :eek:. I read it on the internet.
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  6. Avira is another good free one.
  7. I’ve just fitted a new screen to my dell after my meltdown with it the other week. I was going to bin it, until I realised all my accounts are on it. Once this set is done though I will be fully switched onto web based accounting, then it better watch it’s back. :)
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  8. That's why I don't shower ;)
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  9. Avg for me
  10. Too late! You’re on Page 3 of the Barnsley Advertiser :eek:
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  11. :mad::mad: Well I decided to renew my Norton. Turns out the version I have isn’t the basic one, and they’ve just done me for eighty quid. I fecking hate computers.
  12. :eek: Get graham norton he’s cheaper
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  13. Write the eighty quid off and buy a Mac.
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  14. Its probably better paying somebody for the service. If I have a throwaway PC I will put AVG free on it. For proper PCs I will happily pay for Norton, for the times it has found nasties as they tried to come in to the PCs.

    The problem is that thanks to Donald Trump and his impending senility, any supplier of software that comes from an ancient enemy of the United States, and some that didnt know they were an ancient enemy may suddenly find themselves on a list of undesirables, and some who own big islands he wants to buy may find themselves there too.

    If your supplier is on the USA naughty step then you may find they get hacked by the USA and then you find the "security" software you have is about the opposite.
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  15. Zovirax
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  16. No he was in the men's mag whippet in:p
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  17. Bless you :eek:

    I hope you get it sorted!
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  18. Germoloids?
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  19. I used that one when I had a cold sore...
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  20. ron


    just about covers all and is free
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