And now the Loom!

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  1. This drawing is taking a huge amount of time. Luckily this is the bit I've most been looking forward to.
    It's a WIP:
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  2. You know VW have already drawn that up for you ;)?
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  3. But only for an prototype. I don't like the new style diagrams so decided to draw my own with all the little extras I want, including a leisure battery circuit, USB chargers, electric washers, spot lights, electric fuel pump, fuel cut off solenoid, etc etc
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  4. Don’t forget central locking!
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  5. I hope this exercise bears fruit.
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  6. Loins!
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  7. How you powering your fuel pump & cut off valve? I have used an ignition powered timer relay set for about 30 seconds and a second relay alternator triggered. Seems to work
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  8. Remote of course and electric windows. Did you get around to fitting central locking to the slider? I was looking at it yesterday and thinking I must do it – then we had 20cm of snow and I’ve spent the day digging. Digging I said.
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  9. Slider would be nice but too much metal-chopping for me.
  10. For the contacts or the solenoid?
  11. For fitting the motor, from what I’ve seen on’t web. Need to chop bits out of the slider.
  12. I have version 1 of that, a very long wraparound chain and a padlock.
  13. Well worth doing on the cab doors!
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  14. It will I promise. I did it this way for the buggy. I find it easier to start from scratch and custom build the loom. I use thin wall wire and up the specs. I stick to the original VW colour schemes for the wires and am even having the NLA colours made for me (same price, you just have to buy a 30m reel - I've got plenty of takers for the leftovers :)). I like having a diagram on the screen where it's easy to move wires and manipulate all the elements and I find it easier when looking at the loads on each circuit - as long as you know how much current each thing draws - to work out fuse ratings and wire thicknesses. I enjoy this bit of the resto the best.
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  15. I'll be honest, on the buggy the pump just comes on with the ignition. I find it handy that I can hear the note change when the float chambers are full - then I know to start it. The needle valves are new and do cut the flow. All my flexible pipes are new too. Is this a no-no?
    I've actually bought 2 solenoids as I intend to add one to the buggy too. I'd like to do it properly and if I need a relay will gladly add it. Please would you post a circuit diagram for me?
  16. I was going to use a fuel pump relay as used on a fuel injection vehicle. The problem being the timed priming pulse is only 1-2 seconds so not long enough to run the pump & fill the carbs before cranking.
    I figured a timer relay giving 30 secs or so priming time was plenty to get the engine running & charging to energise the run relay.
    Only issue I suppose if the alternator stopped charging the fuel pump would stop.
    However the charging light would come on as a warning giving you time to pull over.
    I have a small jumper lead made as a backup just in case.
    This is the timer relay. I will sketch you a quick wiring diagram.

  17. Quick wiring diagram :thumbsup:

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  18. Getting it to operate the lock is a faff but there are ways to cut a hole in the slider for the motor without it looking like Devon had used a tin opener – and the hole is hidden by the door panel. The only visible hole is about 5mm dia just under the lock for the rod from the motor.

    By the way… I have one of these controlling the central locking

    Question - it only has one output for the indicators, how can I connect it to the VW wiring? I’ve been thinking of using a relay with dual but separate contacts but is there an easier or better way?
  19. You could use a couple of 5A blocking diodes.
    Ordered some from this seller last week & they arrived next day :thumbsup:

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  20. Thanks for that. Free delivery, same day dispatch, UK seller, but who is it?

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