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  1. I used to have a giant old Honda CRV. Fab old thing and built of pig iron. Parked in the row behind me was an older guy in a Carmen Ghia.
    I waited as he was backing out - and he drove right into the rear corner of the Honda.
    Course only a bit of dried mud fell off my car but a huge chunk of his rear wing practically vapourised. I was about to be sympathetic but the ar$e started ranting that I’d backed into HIM. Boiled red face, windmilling arms, the works.
    So I marched him into Waitrose (for it was that oasis of civilisation) and demanded to see the cctv.
    And there it was. Me totally stationary, him reversing into me.
    I tried not to give him that triumphal “now lychee off, you opportunist git” look but I may have failed.
  2. I get my groceries delivered, no parking hassles for me.
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    Can you check out cctv? One of my friends hit a car in supermarket car park, looked for the owner without success then left as late for work :rolleyes: cctv collared her and she nearly got done for leaving the scene of an accident, or some such extra points on your license thing, as well as the insurance payout.
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    I don't know if my staff have parking problems or not, and quite frankly I don't give a damn if they do.
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  5. I would have gone apoplectic.
    CCTV suggestion sounds best bet. Some people!
    All the scrapes on my daily driver are from selfish celerys who can’t park and just keep pushing while your bodywork bends enough until eventually they can drive off. Nothing like that though, I really would have gone mental!
    My mum’s car was parked in the communal car park and someone smashed the rear light and left black marks and scrapes all over it. The only thing high enough in car park to cause it is the neighbour’s pick up, which coincidentally has sections of the black plastic wheel arch missing. Not a word. The little scrote. I’ll find a way to make him sorry...

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  6. One does get a better class of collision in Waitrose. Was the shunt fully organic?
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  7. They told me they famous from the tv

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  8. I used to have a giant old Honda
    Of course, sweedie. Though the knock did tip over my recyclable box of Freekeh.
  9. “Tarquin! Leave that papaya alone!”
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    I thought Pappaya was a childs name.
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    It's funny in Jindabyne in winter, parkng is hard to find due to the influx of tourists.
    You pull in with your evidently rural 4WD and no one is game to park next or near you except other locals.
    Maybe it's the bull bars, winches, and the general dirtiness they're afraid of or perhaps the mob of working dogs in the back. :D
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  12. The mob of working dogs in the back?
    I wondered what happened to the "lady participant's" of The Jeremy Kyle show!!!

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  13. Yup shopped online for 5 years...
    Spotty youth carries it in to the hallway...:chewie:
    Takes 5 mins...
    What's not to like...?
    usually get 18 eggs for free ...if ones cracked

    Must have saved hrs of grief...
    Don't miss being around.. kids, mums n numbskulls..:D

  14. If only they delivered diesel too....:)
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    They do, if you're a farmer ........ at least they do here as long as you order 500 litres.
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  16. Now there’s a million £££ idea @art b. Home fuel delivery. How many times am I running on vapour with no time to divert to a petrol station before I have to be at work.
    Why on earth isn’t it as available as food delivery?
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  17. Annoyingly it’s one of those express/metro Tesco’s so it shares its parking with a row of other shops. From what I can see there’s no communal cctv covering the parking.
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  18. I detest having to get fuel before a journey....
    With leccy cars maybe I will be happier..:p
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  19. But it is, darling! Waitrose do a lovely jojoba-scented unleaded, and their diesel with rosemary and croutons is superb.

    We keep our fuel in a large hand-thrown Ethiopian pot. It was a Guardian Readers offer, so I thought “Why not?”
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  20. You’d have to make sure your electric car fully conformed to the Wiring Regs (18th Edition).

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