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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rustbucket, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. E3F02164-1CD7-4A75-845D-B6AC9B21AAC6.jpeg the complete asssshole who did this to my golf today in Tesco car park and kindly didn’t leave any details

    Ffs. This is actually the second time this has happened in two years.

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    Napalm is the way forward.

    Twunts. :mad:
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  3. Thank you.

    At last a voice of reason.

    I was thinking of strapping the culprit in a chair. Fixing their eyes open with matchsticks and making them sit through the whole catch up box set of love island for starters.
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    Perhaps followed by an episode of Jeremy Kyle?
  5. Van ?
  6. Well could well be. Mrs rust bucket seems to recall some sort of builders pick up truck next to her in the car park. Looks about the right height. What you can’t see in the picture is there’s also a small amount of damage to the passenger door.
  7. Any cctv ? Grots arnt they . :mad:
  8. That was a biggish vehicle to do that
    I reckon there’s a fair chance it’ll be on cctv ,

    Tesco car parks usually have cctv
    You will find out who or what did this ...if you pursue it ;)
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  9. I’d try this. That’s a nasty bend.
  10. Should've gone to Waitrose, better class of drivers there.

    Seriously though, I feel sorry for you. An iron maiden might be a suitable implement to use on the culprit.
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  11. Then roll them in salt!
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    There’s always some b*****rd isn’t there.
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  14. I gave up fretting on the family workhorse estate. It's black, but there are multicoloured stripes on the corner of every bumper. Every door has a dint 'cos some crusty old twit can't judge the distance between their car and ours. Not one of the blemishes has been done while we were actually in the car. Supermarket car parking spots need to be 20' wide. When we replace the car I'm going to make sure to park in the furthest corner, further than the doddery old gits can walk without having a sit down!
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  15. Oi @Suss ex birds have appeared on that show
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  16. Thats why I like to take my bus. Instead of an array of stupid bits of plastic and metal, its just got 5mm of filler already, so the scratches and dinks fill in easily.
    And the tow bar is solid and effective..

    Once enjoyed myself watching two Mr Magoo types in older Jeep MPVs do this. One was sitting his car and the other one drove into it and then started to drive off...
  17. Stone the barsta.... :mad:
  18. To be fair, that's where the doddery old gits do park......or at least I do.
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