A restoration for Iris

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by JamesLey, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Loving following this thread, a great milestone, and looking forward to part two "the inside"
    Well done
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  2. Looks amazing James
    What a fantastic job you've done mate

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  3. Since getting the van back on the road last month I’ve slowed down a huge amount with getting bits done on it. I’ve just been enjoying driving it again and having my evenings back. I definitely needed it, but at the same time it’s been a bit of a shock to the system to be honest; feeling a bit lost most evenings. I found this picture from this time last year which just shows how much I got done over 12 months, from a welded up rolling shell to road worthy:

    I have however started making some progress on the interior.

    Realised I’d forgotten to connect the cold air drain hose. A washing machine pipe from Wickes was the perfect fit:

    Got the bed boards and foam in so we can at least sleep in the van:

    Made up some membranes for the cab doors to keep the water out:

    Fitted the madmatz carpet set to the cab area. I’ve left the cab carpet and kick panels for now as I’m waiting for it to rain again to see if I’ve fixed the leaky windscreen before putting them in:

    And I think we’re decided on the fabrics we’ll be using on the upholstry:

    Im hoping to start the upholstery next month.
  4. your work is amazing! i only wish i could've showered that much attention on mine:oops:

    just a thought - rather than waiting for it to rain to test your screen, why not just put the hosepipe on it, or are you expecting rain soon?
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  5. Thanks! I did think of doing that but when I washed the van a while back it didn’t leak. Think it takes a while for the rain to find its route through. It’s the uk so only a matter of time before it rains.

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  6. very true. when i did my windows i stood for ages with the hose on them - the driest summer ever :rolleyes: - the neighbours just assumed i was crackers! :D
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  7. Not an unreasonable assumption

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  8. YAAAAAY! Beav's is back!

    I will let that slide because i've missed you xx
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  9. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Hurrah! How are you fitty? :) x
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  10. I thought you didn't like me anymore, I messaged you on Facebook months ago

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  11. Hello, all good here, life just seems to be permanently busy.

    Had myself a proper hangover today.

    How's you guys? I see Sarah has got into running too

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  12. noooooo, silly bugger. i've not been on FB for ages - it annoys me. You have my number, right?

    anyhoo - i love you always as i always have, daft git xx
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  13. I do have your number, however I'm lazy and rubbish at keeping in touch with anybody.

    All good with you?

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  14. let's chat sometime, lovely girl xxx
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  15. Sounds good

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  16. Merlin Cat

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    We are fine cheers. Yes, this running lark seems to be catching (apart from me), she’s doing a half marathon tomorrow :eek: xx

    Ps sorry @JamesLey for thread hijack!!
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  17. Sorry @JamesLey. We got over excited at @beaver’s return.
    Sorry [​IMG]
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  18. No worries! Everyone loves a bit of beaver.

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  19. What did you use to stick the membrane on Jim?

    I’ve mine to stick on soon and I’m undecided on what’s best to use.
  20. Had some carpet tape kicking around which seems to work fine.

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