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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by JamesLey, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. It's about time I started a resto thread for Iris I think. I'm finally starting to make some small steps along a long road.
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  2. Over the last few months I’ve been acquiring tools, replacement panels and various other bits to begin some of the resto work on Iris. Having finally finished my workbenches last week I decided to take a look at the rear bumper on Iris as a gentle start. After 20 minutes or so of Max and I struggling to get the damn thing off due to rusty bolts Max insisted on a big teeth picture
    Max was keen to get stuck in so I gave her the angle grinder whilst I finished attaching my new welding torch to my machine. After 10 minutes or so she was struggling to get back to bare metal, it soon become apparent that the previous restorer was a master of sculpture; this is what we found under two huge chunks of fibreglass:
    Suffice to say we need a new bumper as this is a little beyond repair.
    On the plus side the bumper irons look to be in reasonable condition so I should be able to clean these up and repaint. It also looks like I’ll have a workshop space available from next month!
  3. Fingers crossed that the bumper is a one off. :)
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  4. The only other bit I'm aware of is a small patch on the rear corner of the van. Why anyone would someone spend so long sculpting the bumper instead of buying a new one is beyond me!
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  5. Cost. Time is free.
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  6. Y
    You could repair that [​IMG]good practice [​IMG]
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  7. me ...:p
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  8. That is quite shocking rot - mine need doing too - hope they have a bit more metal than yours
  9. Hi, I've got a better one than that, it has some drilled holes in it but easily save able. Its still attached to Desmond at the mo. I'm just outside Sherborne in Dorsetshire so not far. Buy me a beer and its yours. Pm if you want it. Cheers paul
  10. There is very little metal holding the corner on tbh. I reckon I'd need a metal folder to get the lip right on the middle section. Any recommendations for one? Tempted to give it a go if I have time.
  11. Any bender is ok but most:thinking: say on ebay are only for very thin metal about 20 g any thicker and it won't put a tight bend in it:( and bumper metal is 16 g so no way unless you spend big money:rolleyes: but you can do it in a vice and make it in smaller bits.
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  12. The clarke vice mounted one seems okay for the money. you can get them at machine mart if there's one near you. Handy bit of kit if you're making lots of bits.
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  13. Spent most of this evening cleaning up the bumper irons as they look salvageable (albeit pitted). They're now sat in a bath of Bilt Hamber Deox-C.
    They'll need some fresh metal let in on a few sections, can anyone confirm the thickness of the bumper iron steel? My callipers say 3mm but I've not stripped paint etc off. @womball excuse my ignorance but is 16g = 1.5mm for the bumpers (tinternet says so)?
  14. If only.
  15. I "think" it's 2mm but dont quote me on that.. 3mm sounds quite meaty to me.
  16. that said, just looked at your pic and they doo look like theyre quite thick steel so maybe 3mm is right. Mine seem to be home made jobbies and look nothing like yours so couldnt measure for you
  17. I'll take another look tonight to see what thickness they are. My electrox and epoxy mastic from bilt hamber arrived this week too; all components underneath will be getting a coat of the mastic. I'm thinking black for components and grey for under the van.
  18. Yes 2.5 mm =12 g .....16g=1.5mm steel I think of top off my head but I have some that have been blasted and primed so will measure and let you know later
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  19. Hi m8 hangers are 2.5mm thick so 12g steel get small off cut bits of eBay cheaper;) than a big bit
  20. cheers fella. I might have some of that in the garage but I'm popping in to a local resto garage at the weekend to raid their scrap bin too.
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