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  1. Retired greyhounds are just food processing machines. They do indeed produce a lot of poo.
  2. have you tried looking for local small rescue charities near where you live? I know there's the big ones like Dogs Trust and the RSPCA, but there are always smaller rescues too. I'd always try and encourage people to rescue rather than buy every time.
  3. Yep, we're on it. We went to the Dogs Trust & registered there, but our problem is that they wont rehome to families with small children unless they know the dog's history & know it's come from a home with small children, and being rehomed due to no fault of it's own. They will only rehome strays if your children are over 8. A bit strict, but I can understand their thinking. Shame though, as we all fell in love with a lovely lurcher, but our kids are 5 and 3, so it was a big No No. We're on the list though, so just need to keep phoning them & checking their website. @volkswombat has contacted a smaller rescue too.
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  4. I can recommend English Setters, and English Setter Rescue (tis where mine came from), but they are a bit needy when it comes to human company, and tend to hog the sofa. :rolleyes:
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  5. Thanks Sarah, just looked at google images... However, their ears wont meet volkswombat's standards - velvety & twiddly-able!;)
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  6. Not that you asked, but right now I don't really recommend pets of any kind. I'm biased because we had to have one of our cats put down yesterday. Pretty depressing, but I also feel a sense of relief (and guilt) as she was hard work to care for when she was alive (particularly as she got older).

    We're all sad about it, but at least from now on there's only one cat's worth of turds and sick to clean off the carpet.
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  7. Lost my cat 3 years ago
    Miss her so much
    Bloody pets get to you !!!!
  8. We are currently fostering a staffy for a charity called the senior staffie
    There on Facebook and will check your house etc 1st
    They only have dogs 7yrs plus though
    They have some with known family history so I think some can go with families with younger children
  9. Having met Mr @volkswombat I was going to mention the issue of young kids and rescue dogs but you beat me to it. Having a 5 year old, our dog now two and a half has grown up being hugged, prodded and pulled by our son etc she (a springer spaniel of the welsh variety) has grown up with such treatment, is used to it and to date has never caused an issue; not sure that would necessarily be the same if an older dog had not experienced the same treatment and then was introduced into that environment. Good luck with your search. Two things they really do need loads of exercise and sometimes with a young family can be a nuisance when on holiday and where you want to visit won't let the dog in, so much so that we put the dog into doggy day care for part of our summer holiday.
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  10. Looks like we may of found a mutt.....

    Just going through the formalities now,
  11. waiszit :)
  12. He's a collie lab cross, 1 yr old, sounds like a cracking mutt.
  13. We got him, Here he is
  14. You got your bags ready for picking up his pooh .... :oops: :eek::oops:

    Before you let him off make sure he will come back to you ... my advice would be to sign up to some lessons. A farmer friend has just lost 4 sheep :( due to a dog attack so do take care if near livestock.

    Apart from that best of luck :D
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  15. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    congrats, you now have the delights of taking it out for a Marmite when camping and it's yellow snowing down and all you want to do is sit inside and drink more beer.
  16. As @Pickles says, take him to your local dog obedience class. He will learn to sit, down, come, wait, stay and heel as well as being familiarised with other dogs.
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  17. He's pretty well trained, will sit, comes when called, really bouncy but soppy too.

    His foster mum bought him round too make sure everything's OK, she's been having him out on a 100ft line so we took him to park, behaved great with other dogs, recall is good on the line,
    Will keep him on the line while we train him up.
  18. A bit like you then Jez :D

    Very nice pooch mate.:thumbsup:
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  19. Made himself at home, found out who the soft touch is

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