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  1. As title.
    Must have good table manners, and fabulous ears for playing with.
    No violent breeds.


    Predictably I can be contacted here.
  2. Oh yeah and Hampshire would be better. Don't want a dog from a poorer county.
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  3. I know of one he has one ear one eye and has lost a leg, he is called Lucky
  4. Does he like listening to bob seger? With his one ear
  5. Sorry he didn't hear that, oh and he only likes a circular walk, at least he won't get lost
  6. Get one from a reputable breeder or a rescue. Don't buy from puppy farms.
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  8. i know of a small black one that will be going if nicola catches him on the new sofa again!
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  9. handfuls of poo , for you every morning and night :D get a greyhound n race it that a keep you fit :D
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  10. Hoping for a rescue dog, but pays to ask about.
    Great stuff!
    We already get handfuls off poo from other people's cats :(
    My mums got a saluki cross ( looks same as a greyhound but isn't a greyhound!) and its a beautiful animal, best natured dog I reckon, our kids love it, it loves them. Just a bit too big for us though which is a shame as there seem to be a few needing homes
  11. Got our rescue dog 4 years ago - lovely natured little dog ( a Staffy/collie cross) - more loving than our grumpy old Rough Collie
  12. We've got a greyhound- he's lovely.

    He used to race before we got him and was called 'Captain Pirate' cos he's got a black patch on one eye.

    You can get smallish greyhounds too.
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  13. no pooh

  14. Wait until they have a hunt near you, you can pick up Beagles for nowt then :p
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  15. You can find them smoking behind bike sheds as well.
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  16. We've got 2 greyhounds, they make brilliant pets. Great with kids but generally don't like anything small and furry.

    Top class pedigree dogs as well.
  17. My neighbour has a greyhound, he's been adopted and loved by most of the close. Even wanders over on his own to say hi but then you have to take him home again. smashing dogs, so gentle.
  18. Go down your local rescue centre loads of dogs neeeding homes
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    Get one that can read
  20. i can assure you dogs do bigger handfuls:D greyhounds like cats too fast ones :D

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