A bigger T1

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  1. Something around the 2 litre size with a T3 turbo blowing through 40 or 45mm carbs at 1bar would be nice.;)
  2. You do a lot of thinking and reading about such things Zeb judging by the interesting article's you seem to be able to pluck out at will to post up.
    Do you also have practical experience?
  3. I've built a few engines for mates but never has the money to do one for myself so just do a lot of dreaming and planning.:oops:
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  4. I think we all do that!
  5. I have a folder full of daydream projects. Everything from slammed vw trekkers to baja buses, bays with syncro 4x4 running gear and different engine combinations, fuel injection and turbo. Most with drawings, parts required, costs etc. Bit sad really but its nice to dream.
  6. i like the turbo idea.....sleeper bus with a massive kick ....bomb proof bottom end With copious amounts of boost
  7. And no doubt the cheapest way to power. :) I'll dawdle a little while you finish yours...
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  8. The fish is going turbo... Had a hybrid T3 turbo sat on the shelf for years :cool:
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  9. I won't be waiting for you to finish yours though. :D
  10. :lol:

    I've got the bodywork to worry about first ;)
  11. seems to be a trend on getting the most out of a 1600 with turbo circa 200bhp on certain internet forums

    I now have most of exhaust (VS) and currently making a charge cooler ...work and money are my biggest obsticles ..
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  12. I wanted to look at turbo charging once - i bought a carb off a Renault 5 gt turbo that is meant to work on a vw set up but soon realised I didn't have a clue what to do so got rid of it. Maybe one day....

    You can get kits from the states that have all you need - meant to be bolt on. I guess unless your motor is built with forced induction in mind you'll soon end up with a pile of molten scrap.
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  13. Its only really the compression ratio that needs lowering for turbo use (and capping ignition advance to 24 or so), though i know a few people with turbo'd 1600 engines in bugs that didn't have any other mods. Compression ratio is around 7.7:1 as standard anyway.
    Fuel injection with boost retard ignition is the way forwards.
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  14. You certainly have or you'll have nothing to put it in! The fish isn't too bad as they go though is it?
  15. Pretty sound on the grand scheme of things... going to replace the JPs and ORs, as one of them has gone bad so the others can't be too far behind, then there are various bits like the O/S rear arch has gone scabby, and bits on the front arches and rear corners where the battery trays double skin up!! :)

    Once I've got it down to the new place then I can start picking at it ;)
  16. It would be good to see you find some time for your poor old van, I remember you mending the door about... ooooo... years ago.

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