8-dowel crank

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  1. What's the lower limit for doing this in terms of power. I'm thinking a mild 1776 can survive with the four factory dowels.

    I actually have an 8-dowelled crank (but no flywheel, unfortunately). Fit it, or stick it on eBay? I'm tending towards the latter...
  2. H
    i would say put a HD gland nut and washer on the 4 pin crank, if you need the flywheel drilling for 8 dowelling let me know, but better to have them done together, ideally your better of with 8 dowel pins.
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  3. Buy a type 4 ;)
  4. Sigh. If only VW had done it properly on type 1s :(
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  5. is it counter weighted and balanced snotty
  6. Mild 1776 will be fine with standard crank as long as you dont plan on revving the tits off it
  7. They did but the world sped up since
  8. No and yes.

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