79 Devon Moonraker Doubletop

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    Dolly our double- top was the best choice for us! Our kids sleep in the double in the roof - lovely comfy foam mattress instead of the fold-out bunks you have in other vans.
  3. There are so many great conversions out there but for family camping it would be hard to match the Devon Double Top for space & storage. Only the Viking may do it.
    That's not to say Westies, Dormobiles, earlier Devons etc. aren't as good, they are all special in their unique ways & each have design details which set them apart. I wish I had one of each!

    Here's a couple of my pics to add for the Moonraker appreciation society.

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    Our van is called Dolly because she is a 'Dolly Mixture' - Moonraker Double-top but with a 1973 prototype Westfalia Continental interior. I don't know if anyone else has this combo but I think it is the best of all worlds, but I am biased !!!

    Fold-out tables are great for alfresco buffets.


    Built-in Cool-Box is just as good as a fridge when you can get your iceblocks frozen at friendly campsites, and wardrobe is just the place to store all those sleeping bags and honchos!


    Can comfortably sit 4 people around the table for a quick card game when it's raining - 5 at a push if you use the stool.


    No compromising here - full width rock & roll bed with tons of storage underneath. Just takes a bit of getting used to remembering not to smash your head on that overhead locker when you wake up! Very handy for storing all my kitchen pots and pans though :)


    Not quite as good as my kitchen at home - but it's amazing what you can rustle up with two burners and a handy double skillet. Roast dinner anyone?


    And double bed in roof fit for a King - well two teenagers anyway.


    Recipe for great family holidays - done France, Isle of Wight, Jersey, Guernsey, Cornwall, Scotland & Wales so far - and looking out for 2012 destinations now.

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  5. I can see that's a really good combination. Great pictures.
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  7. Very nice indeed...love this original RHD bus..and glad to see you haven't spoilt it with the silly 'delux' trim.. ;)
  9. Now, that's what I call a Bus! Amazing!!!
  11. nice moonraker
  12. Thank you theboron007,

    It's going up for sale soon, just got to decide how much...been told by a reputable VW restorer to stick it up for £25k and see! but not so sure. I thought the days of silly money for Bays had ended but I've seen a few lately go for £20k+ so who knows..worth whatever someone's willing to pay I guess...just a case of finding that person!
  13. TUG


    Really nicely done, I set my heart on a split screen, but went for the Moonraker for exactly the same reasons, family and space, well done
  14. That's a very nice bus.
  15. love your bus mate. very nice!
  16. Thank you TUG, Jernau & smoggyrich....now looking to sell if you know anyone interested..
  17. Sold!! Driven off the drive yesterday for the last time...glad I was at work really when she was picked up..:(
  18. :( Whoever bought it has got themselves a cracker of a bus and I hope they enjoy it
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  19. Oh no :(
    Good luck SB :thumbsup:
  20. Had my 1979 devon moonraker scince dec last year after finding it under a tarp on a north wales farm where it had sat scince 2001 , two owners from new I am now in the process off bringing her back to life . I hope I can get it to look as good as some of the beauties on here ...
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